Top 10 Social Networking Websites by Total Users

Top Social Networking WebsitesSocial Network is Hugely Popular in the World that connects Peoples for many reasons like, Friendships, Business, Social Activities, Support, and Share the Feelings, Photos, Videos, Audios and Text Messages. The Network is growing very fast in the last 10 years and has more than 2 billion Registered Users on the Globe in the different Social Network Sites. Social Networks can be accessible through laptop, PC, mobile devices if it is connected with internet, is the new social system connects people worldwide. Facebook is ranked first in the list with total 955 million registered and active users and still growing. Most of the users on Social sites between the age of 15 to 30, and some notable social sites have restriction to register under the age of 13. Google + is launched in 2012 and growing rapidly, the options are very easy and advanced which we can follow, share photos, videos and many options for the users, Google + already gained 250 million users, it can be accessible by Google account. Most of the Top Social Websites established 2004 onwards, and competing with the other social websites.

Social Networks famous in the continent of Europe, Asia, and the Americas and every country have social sites other than we mentioned in the list, example Orkut famous in India, Facebook in USA, Qzone in China. As of the recent data, we collected Top 10 Social Networking Websites on total active and registered Users worldwide.


Website’s Name

Registered Users

Date Launched

Global Alexa Ranking

1 Facebook 955,000,000 2004 2
2 Twitter 500,000,000 2006 8
3 Qzone 480,000,000+ 2005 9
4 Sina Weibo 300,000,000 2009 28
5 Habbo 268,000,000 2000 15,255
6 Google+ 250,000,000 2011 N/A
7 LinkedIn 160,000,000+ 2003 12
8 Renren 160,000,000 2005 95
9 Badoo 154,000,000 2006 118
10 Bebo 117,000,000 2005 4,169