10 Places to Visit in Shanghai

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The TV Tower is a district landmark in Shanghai, China, and its placement along the Huangpu Riverfront of the Bund makes it a district landmark. The tower, which was finished in 1994, has six stories and six elevators. The tower’s overall height, including the TV antenna, is 468 meters.

Yu Yuan Gardens

The large Chinese Garden, which was initially envisaged in 1559 and is located opposite the city deity temple in the northeast of Shanghai City’s Old City. Sansui Hall, Wanhua Chamber, Diachun Hall, Huijing Hall, Yuhuna Hall, and Inner Garden are the six general regions.

Yu Yuan Gardens

Photo Credit: Jakub Hałun

Nanjing Road

This is one of the busiest retail avenues in the world, as well as Shanghai’s primary shopping street. This 6-kilometer-long roadway, which receives over 1 million daily visitors, is divided into two sections: Nanjing Road East and Nanjing Road West.

NanJing Road

Shanghai Museum

This prominent ancient Chinese art museum is located on 201 Renmin Avenue, Peoples Square in Shanghai’s Huangpu District. It has Galleries of Bronze, Sculpture, Ceramics, Jades, Painting, Calligraphy, Seals, and Numismatics from Ancient China.

Shanghai Museum

Jade Buddha Temple

The Jade Buddha Temple is a Buddhist temple in Shanghai that was established in 1882 with the importation by sea of two jade Buddha sculptures from Burma. The Buddha in the sitting position stands 1.95 meters tall and weighs 3 tons. Three Golden Buddhas, Gods of the Twenty Heavens, 18 Arhats, Guanyin, Shen Cai, and his 53 instructors, Jade Buddha Chamber, and Public Restaurant are all part of this temple.

Shanghai jade buddha temple

Shanghai Xin Tian Di

Shanghai’s Xintiandi is a posh shopping, dining, and entertainment zone. Traditional shikumen residences, bookstores, cafes and restaurants, and shopping malls make up this region. The unique feature is that the majority of the street is car-free, allowing tourists to walk in the center.

Xin tian di

Photo Credit: JakeLM

Zhujiajiao Water Town

With a population of 60,000 people, this old town is located in Shanghai’s Qingpu district. This town is also known as a Water Town since it is bordered by several rivers and hundreds of historic structures still line the riverbanks. This community features 36 stone bridges, and the majority of local transportation is done by small boats on rivers.

Zhujiajiao canal

Jinmao Tower

With a height of 421 meters, including the antenna spire, this is one of China’s highest structures. This skyscraper, which was built in 1999 and has 88 storeys and 61 elevators, is located at 88 Century Avenue in Shanghai’s Pudong District. It’s rented out to businesses and motels.

Jinmao Tower
Image by Logan Wenger from Pixabay

Jing An Temple

The Buddhist Temple on West Nanjing Road in Shanghai’s Jing’an District was erected in 247 AD. The Hall of Heavenly Kings, Hall of the Three Saints, Hall of Virtuous Works, The Precious Hall of the Great HeroMing Dynasty copper bell (weighs 3.5 tons), and Stone Buddhas are among the Temple’s highlights.

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