Top 10 Largest Banks in Asia

The banks in the list below are arranged by their size (total value, branches, and employees). The majority of the leading banks are Chinese. Banks serve as a commercial mirror for all global corporate activity. Every modern-day human being needs a bank account for commercial communications.

Banks use advanced technology to provide services such as internet transactions, credit cards, simple money transfers, and debit cards. The top Asian banks are determined by the total number of branches, total assets, and total staff. In 2011 and 2012, the lists of Asia’s top banks were revised.

10.Kookmin Bank

Kookmin Bank, also known as KB, is the largest bank by total assets and market capitalization. It was founded in 1963.

Kookmin bank

9. State Bank of India

This is the largest bank in India. It is a public banking and financial services state-owned government company, headquartered in Mumbai, India, and founded in 1955. It has 222,933 staff around the world with 13,000 outlets, including 150 overseas branches. According to Forbes Magazine, SBI is one of the most reputed companies in the world.


8. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank is a joint-stock commercial bank, headquartered in Shanghai and founded in 1993. It employed more than 31,000 staff and had a net income of $418 million as of 2006.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

7. Shinhan Bank

It is the first bank in South Korea and was created in 1897. It is based in Seoul, South Korea. As of 2010, it has 13,185 members.

Shinhan Bank

6. China Merchants Bank

This is one of China’s major banks, based in Shenzhen and established in 1987. In China, it has around 500 branches.

China Merchants Bank

5. Bank of Communications

This is Asia’s sixth largest bank, founded in 1908. As of 2007, this bank’s total income was $20 billion. It employs around 79,000 people in China.

Bank of Communications

4. Bank of China

This bank is the third biggest in the world by total employees, is headquartered in Beijing, China, and was formed in 1912, making it the country’s oldest bank. The Bank of China employs 389,827 people in China and abroad, and its total assets are worth 1.723 trillion dollars. This bank is controlled by the People’s Republic of China and is ranked as the most lucrative in the world.

Bank of China

3. Agricultural Bank of China

This bank is the Public Finance Company. Agricultural Bank of China is the world’s largest bank by total number of employees, main office is situated in Beijing, China, and was founded in 1951. This bank has 441,144 employees and has over 24,000 branches.

Agricultural Bank of China

2. China Construction Bank

It is headquartered in Beijing, China, and was formed in 1954. It is also one of the world’s most lucrative banks, with a profit of 19.92 billion. China Construction Bank employs 311,222 people in China and across the world. This bank’s total assets are 1.64 trillion dollars. This bank has 13,629 domestic branches and international branches in certain nations’ major cities. By market capitalization, China Construction Bank is the world’s second largest.

China Construction Bank

1. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China

The world’s largest bank in terms of overall staff count. The total number of ICBI bank workers is 394,801. This bank’s total assets are 2.04 trillion dollars, and its net income is $24.39 billion. The ICBC Bank was founded in 1984 and is based in Beijing, China. With over 18,000 locations and 106 foreign branches, this bank provides services all over the world. It is also the world’s largest bank in terms of earnings and capitalisation.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
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