List of Notable CBSE Schools in Abu Dhabi

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CBSE Schools based on Indian Curriculum and Standard, the following list shows the CBSE Schools with Contact details.

School NameLevelCurriculum
Abu Dhabi Indian SchoolK-12Indian
Al Marfa International Private SchoolK-10Indian/UAE
Al Noor Indian Islamic School Indian
Asian International Private School Indian
Asian International School Madinat ZayedK-12Indian
Cambridge High School Abu DhabiK-12Indian
Delhi Private School Abu Dhabi Indian
Emirates Future International AcademyprimaryIndian/US
Emke Group School Abu Dhabi Indian
Indian High School Abu Dhabi Indian
Indian Islahi Islamic SchoolK-12Indian
Indian Modern Science SchoolK-10Indian
Leens School and KindergartenprimaryIndian
Merryland International School Indian
New Abu Dhabi Indian School Indian
New Indian Model School Abu DhabiK-12Indian
New Indian Model School MussafahK-12Indian
New Indian School Madinat Zayed Indian
Our Own English High School Abu DhabiK-10Indian
Private International English SchoolK-12Indian
Sherwood AcademyK-10Indian
St Josephs School Abu Dhabi Indian
Sunrise English Private School Indian
Sunrise English School Mussafah Indian
Wisdom High School Indian

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