List of Notable CBSE Schools in Abu Dhabi

CBSE Schools based on Indian Curriculum and Standard, the following list shows the CBSE Schools with Contact details.

School NameLevelCurriculum
Abu Dhabi Indian SchoolK-12Indian
Al Marfa International Private SchoolK-10Indian/UAE
Al Noor Indian Islamic School Indian
Asian International Private School Indian
Asian International School Madinat ZayedK-12Indian
Cambridge High School Abu DhabiK-12Indian
Delhi Private School Abu Dhabi Indian
Emirates Future International AcademyprimaryIndian/US
Emke Group School Abu Dhabi Indian
Indian High School Abu Dhabi Indian
Indian Islahi Islamic SchoolK-12Indian
Indian Modern Science SchoolK-10Indian
Leens School and KindergartenprimaryIndian
Merryland International School Indian
New Abu Dhabi Indian School Indian
New Indian Model School Abu DhabiK-12Indian
New Indian Model School MussafahK-12Indian
New Indian School Madinat Zayed Indian
Our Own English High School Abu DhabiK-10Indian
Private International English SchoolK-12Indian
Sherwood AcademyK-10Indian
St Josephs School Abu Dhabi Indian
Sunrise English Private School Indian
Sunrise English School Mussafah Indian
Wisdom High School Indian
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