Most Popular Television Channels in the World

The Popular TV Channels are active for decades and provides top programs worldwide, below mentioned the most popular channels based on the worldwide popularity and the total viewer in the total population on Earth. Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and Animal Planet are the Famous Informational Channels that telecasting worldwide and have huge viewers, CNN and BBC are the News Channels that provides International News, Star Sports and ESPN are the Sports Channels that telecasts many Big Sports Events in the World.

Discovery Channel Logo

The Following List of 10 Most Popular Television Channels in the World, it tlecasted worldwide.

Name of the Channels

Head Quarters


Year of Founded

Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel Logo

Silver Spring, Maryland Informational 1985

National Geographic Channel

National Geographic Channel

Washington, D.C. Informational 1997

Animal Planet

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States Animal Related 1996



Bristol, Connecticut Sports 1979

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network Logo

Atlanta, Georgia Cartoon 1992


MTV Logo

New York City, USA Entertainment 1981

Star Movies

Star Movies Logo

Hong Kong, China Entertainment 1994

Disney Channel

Disney Channel Logo

Burbank, California Cartoon 1983


CNN Logo

CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia News 1980


London, England, United Kingdom News 1927
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