List of Oil and Gas Companies in Qatar

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Qatar is the Small country located in the Gulf, with a large Oil reserve that boasts the country’s Economy to top, is the second richest Country by GDP per Capital in the World. There are many Government owned Oil Companies, most of them are huge in size, the country utilizes Oil reserves for the development of their country. Qatar’s economy has more than half of the income from Oil and Gas Exports worldwide. Qatar’s demonstrated reserves of natural gas are almost 26 trillion cubic meters, approximately 14% of the world total and ranks third largest in the world. Qatar’s value mainly deduces from oil and natural gas exports, Oil and Gas have formed Qatar one of the highest per-capita income countries, and one of the world’s quickest originating countries. Doha is the Capital of Qatar and most the economic and Political activities taking place in the city, and many notable companies headquartered in Doha. We have listed notable Oil and Gas Companies of Qatar with Headquarters and contact details.

NameHead Quarters and AddressContact
Ras GasP.O.Box: 24200, Doha, QatarTel: 44738000, Fax: 44833855
QatargasP.O.Box 22666, Doha, QatarTel: 44736000, Fax: 44736666
ExxonMobil Qatar IncDoha, State of QatarTel: 44978444, Fax: 44978301
Qatar Petrochemical CompanyP.O.Box: 756, Doha, QatarTel: 44777111, Fax: 44770914
Total E & P QatarP.O.Box: 9803, Doha, QatarTel: 44208111, Fax: 44980791
Cheveron International Gas Inc.P.O. Box: 24738 Doha, QatarTel: 44837540
ConocoPhillipsP.O. Box: 24750 Doha, QatarTel: 44961111
Encana International Qatar Ltd.P.O. Box: 1725 Doha, QatarTel: 44676160
GE Oil and GasP.O. Box: 24997 Doha, QatarTel: 44242386
Maersk Oil Qatar ASP.O. Box: 22050 Doha, QatarTel: 44963963
Occidental Petroleum of Qatar LtdP.O. Box: 22611 Doha, QatarTel: 44459459
Qatar Fuel ( WOQOD )P.O. Box: 7777 Doha, QatarTel: 44308888
Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Co. Ltd (Tasweeq)P.O. Box: 24183 Doha, QatarTel: 44976111
Qatar Petroleum (QP)P.O. Box: 3212 Doha, QatarTel: 44402000
Qatar Petroleum Refinery (QPR)P.O. Box: 50033 Doha, QatarTel: 44776555
Qatar Shell Services Co. WLLP.O. Box: 3747 Doha, QatarTel: 44957777
SasolP.O. Box: 1202 Doha, QatarTel: 44999500
Seef LimitedP.O. Box: 50077 Doha, QatarTel: 44773111
StatoilP.O. Box: 32522 Doha, QatarTel: 44231213
Yokogawa Middle East ECP.O. Box: 24281 Doha, QatarTel: 44351998
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