List of Universities in Saudi Arabia

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Institutions in Saudi Arabia are found in every province, and there are hundreds of thousands of students studying there. The majority of universities utilize Arabian languages. Medicine, Dentistry, Architecture and Planning, Administrative Sciences, Science, Nursing, Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Medical Science, Design, Clinical Pharmacy, and other fields are covered in the colleges of universities. The universities have contemporary facilities and the most up-to-date theory for their students. The majority of the universities are located in Riyadh and Makah Province.

The first Saudi university, King Saud University, was established in 1957, and the Islamic University of Medina was established in 1961. Some universities emphasize science and technology courses, military studies, religion, and medicine. We have identified around 37 universities and other colleges that have been overlooked and are not included on the list.

List of Universities of Saudi Arabia with the Official Website linked.

1King Saud 
2Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic 
3Saudi Electronic 
4Arab Open 
5Prince Sultan 
6Dar Al Uloom 
8Salman bin abdlaziz university2009Al Kharj
9Princess Nora bint Abdul Rahman
10King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences2005Riyadh
11Al Yamamah 
13Al Majma'ah University2010Al Majma'ah 
14King Abdullah University of Science and 
15King Abdulaziz 
17Prince Sultan Aviation Academy2004JeddahN/A
18College of Telecom & ElectronicsJeddah
19Arab open University2006Jeddah
20Umm Al-Qura 
22University of Dammam1975Dammam
23King Faisal 
24King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals1975Dhahran
25Islamic University of 
27King Khalid 
29Sulaiman Al Rajhi UniversityBakireya>
30Al Jawf 
32University of Hail2006Ha' 
33Al Baha University2006Al-Baha
35Al Hudud ash Shamaliyah UniversityArar
36Tabuk UniversityTabuk 
37Institute of Public AdministrationRiyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, 

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