List of Supermarkets in Doha

Supermarkets that mainly located in separate buildings or Shopping Complexes, Doha is the Capital of Qatar and major Business activities takes place here. Supermarkets are located in different parts of the city to solve needs of the inhabitants of Doha. The following list of Supermarkets includes Address and Contact Numbers.

Supermarkets Name Address Phone Fax / Email
Al Meera – Abu Nakhla P.O.Box: 3371, Doha, Ad Dawhah, Qatar 4429-9400 Email:  [email protected]
Al Meera – Bin Omran P.O.Box: 3371, Al Yarmouk Street, Bin Omran, Doha 4487-4549 Email: [email protected]
Al Meera – Dahal Al-Hamam P.O.Box: 3371, Doha, Ad Dawhah, Qatar 4487-9141 Email: [email protected]
Al Meera – Dakhira P.O.Box: 3371, Al Ghuwairiya, Doha 4472-1578
Al Meera – Ghuwariya P.O.Box: 3371, Al GhuwairiyaDoha, Ad Dawhah, Qatar 4472-8273 Email: [email protected]
Al Meera – Hazm Markhiya P.O.Box: 3371, Al Jamiaa Street, Hazm Al Markhiya, Doha 4483-4478 Email: [email protected]
Al Meera – Jumaliya P.O.Box: 3371, Al Jumayliyah, Doha 4478-1362 Email: [email protected]
Al Meera – Kaaban P.O.Box: 3371, Kaaban, Doha 4472-8019 Email: [email protected]
Al Meera – Khalifa South P.O.Box: 3371, Al Jameiya Street, Madinat Khalifa South 4487-1145 Email: [email protected]
Al Meera – Mansoura P.O.Box: 3371, Asim bin Omar Street, Bin Dirham 4437-5122 Email: [email protected]
Al Meera – Murra P.O.Box: 3371, Doha, Ad Dawhah 4468-3236 Email:  [email protected]
Al Meera – Onaiza 1 P.O.Box: 3371, Onaiza 66, Doha 4483-6908 Email: [email protected]
Al Meera – Onaiza 2 P.O.Box: 3371, Al Bayan Street, Onaiza 65 4483-6944 Email: [email protected]
Al Meera – Rawdat Al-Khail P.O.Box: 3371, Doha 4431-2061 Email: [email protected]
Al Meera Hypermarket – Airport P.O.Box: 3371, Al Matar Street, Najma 4434-9022 Email:  [email protected]
Alrawabi Food Centre P.O.Box: 21651, Aziziya, Doha 4481-2562
Dasman Centre – Al Hilal Supermarket P.O.Box: 2595, Doha, Ad Dawhah 4467-4055
Family Food Centre – Airport P.O.Box: 5483, Al Matar Street, Old Airport 4462-2722 Fax : +974 4462-2422Email: [email protected]
Family Food Centre – Al Nasr P.O.Box: 5483, Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street, Al Nasr 4442-2456 Email: [email protected] : +974 4444-8868
Kabayan Supermarket P.O.Box: 30031, Doha, Ad Dawhah 4431-7866 Fax : +974 4431-1394Email: [email protected]
Mega Mart – The Center The Centre, Ibn Seena Street, Rawdat Al Khail 4444-0018 Email:  [email protected]
Mega Mart Express Al Massielah Petrol Station, Al Rayyan Road, Al Messila 4447-7786 Email: [email protected]
New Taif Supermarket P.O.Box: 31253, Ahmed bin Ali Street, Kulaib 4488-5335
Q Mart P.O.Box: 7346, The Mall, D-Ring Road, Al Matar Al Qadeem 4467-8822
Safeer Supermarket P.O.Box: 19370, Doha, Ad Dawhah 4480-5668
Shoprite – Airport Rd P.O.Box: 20195, Doha, Ad Dawhah 4465-3450 Email: [email protected]
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