List of Secondary Schools in Sharjah

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There are several types of secondary schools in Sharjah, including private and public schools, as well as international and local schools. Private schools often offer a more specialized approach to education, with smaller class sizes, a focus on innovation, and the latest teaching methods and technologies. Public schools, on the other hand, are more affordable and accessible, offering a quality education to a broader range of students.

Secondary schools in Sharjah typically have cutting-edge facilities, contemporary campuses, and a variety of extracurricular activities to promote students’ overall development. A challenging and encouraging learning environment is something that the schools’ highly educated and experienced teachers are committed to offering students.

School NameTel LevelCurriculum Qualifications
Al Amal English High School +971-6-5222621 K-10PakistanFBISE
Al Amal Kindergarten and School for Deaf +971-6-5671117 K-12Special Needs
Al Amana Private School +971-6-5676783 K-10Arabic / UKIGCSE
Al Ansar International School +971-6-5459441 K-12Arabic/UKA-level, IGCSE
Al Kamal Private School +971-6-5383136 K-10Arabic / USSAT
Al Maarifa Private School +971-6-5674444 K-12Arabic/UK/USUAE, SAT, IGCSE, A-level
Al Noor International School Sharjah +971-6-5667666 K-12ArabicUAE
Al Resalah School +971-6-5221222 K-12UAE/UKIGCSE
Al Shola Private School +971-6-5583453 K-12Arabic/UAEUAE
American Community School Sharjah +971-6-5227583 K-12USIB
American University of Sharjah School K-12Arabic/USIB
Australian International School Sharjah +971-6-5589967 K-12AustralianIB, Queensland
Choueifat Sharjah +971-6-5582211 K-12ChoueifatSABIS
Dawha School Sharjah +971-6-5226500 K-12Arabic / USSAT, TOEFL
Delhi Private School Sharjah +971-6-5345352 K-12IndianCBSE
Emirates National School Sharjah +971-6-5242252 K-10IndianCBSE
Emirates Private School Sharjah +971-6-5614469 K-10Arabic/UKA-level, IGCSE
Far Eastern Private School +971-6-5389556 K-10Philippines/US
GEMS Westminster School Sharjah planned K-12Arabic/UKIGCSE, AS, A-Level
German School Sharjah +971-6-5676014 K-10German
Gulf Asian English School +971-6-5340000 K-12IndianCBSE
Ibn Khaldoun School Sharjah +971-6-5226888 K-12Arabic
Ibn Seena English School +971-6-5582071 K-12Indian/UKA-level, O-level
Indian Excellent Private School +971-6-5249249 K-10IndianCBSE
Iqra School Sharjah +971-6-5351166 K-10UAE/US
Leaders Private School +971-6-5225560 K-10IndianCBSE
Lycee Libanais Francophone Prive Sharjah K-12French
Modern Egyptian Private School +971-6-5663338 K-12Arabic
New Filipino Private School +971-6-5661331 K-10PhilippinesUSTET, UPCAT
New Horizon Indian School +971-6-5248279 K-10IndianCBSE
New Indian Model School Sharjah +971-6-5228035 K-12IndianCBSE, SSLC
OOEHS Sharjah Boys +971-6-5355227 K-12IndianCBSE
Our Own English High School Sharjah +971-6-5386486 K-12IndianCBSE
Pioneer Modern School +971-6-5514436 K-10Philippines/US
Progressive English School +971-6-5672234 K-12IndianICSE, CBSE
Providence English School Sharjah +971-6-5340443 K-12Arabic/UKA-Level, IGCSE
Rosary School Muweilah +971-6-5344118 K-10UKO-level
Russian Private School Sharjah +971-6-5226176 K-12Russian
School of Creative Science +971-6-5344444 K-12Arabic/UKNC
Sharjah American International School +971-6-5380000 K-12Arabic/USAP, SAT
Sharjah British School +971-6-5347722 K-12UAE/UKIGCSE, A-levels
Sharjah English College +971-6-5589304 secondaryUKGCSE
Sharjah English School +971-6-5589304 K-12UKGCSE, AS, A-Level
Sharjah Indian School +971-6-5670560 K-12IndianCBSE, ICBSE
Sharjah Iranian School +971-6-5240135 K-12Iranian
Sharjah Public School +971-6-5221244 K-12Arabic/US/UKA-Level, IGCSE
Victoria English School +971-6-5227770 K-12UKA-level, IGCSE
Victoria International School Sharjah +971-6-5771999 K-12AustralianVCE
Wesgreen International School +971-6-5346333 K-12UAE/UKA-level, IGCSE

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