List of Indian Curriculum Schools in Abu Dhabi

The following list shows Indian Curriculam Schools in the City of Abu Dhabi, all of the Schools located inside the City. The Schools has details of Contact and some other important details.

School Name   Tel    Level  Curriculum Qualifications School Fees
Abu Dhabi Indian School +971-2-4488025 K-12 Indian CBSE
Al Hamdaniya School Gharbia Indian
Al Marfa International Private School +971-2-8833522 K-10 Indian/UAE CBSE
Al Noor Indian Islamic School +971-2-6415782 Indian CBSE
Al Rayyan National Private School +971-2-4464575 K-12 Indian/UAE IGCSE 6,000-9,000
Asian International Private School +971-2-6419112 Indian CBSE
Asian International School Madinat Zayed +971-2-8847470 K-12 Indian CBSE
Bright Riders School planned K-12 Indian
Cambridge High School Abu Dhabi +971-2-5521621 K-12 Indian CBSE, IGCSE
Dar Al Maarif English School Indian O-level
Delhi Private School Abu Dhabi planned? Indian CBSE
Emirates Future International Academy +971-2-5525188 primary Indian/US CBSE 6,250-13,000
Emke Group School Abu Dhabi planned Indian CBSE
Global Indian School Abu Dhabi planned Indian ICSE
Indian High School Abu Dhabi planned Indian CBSE
Indian Islahi Islamic School +971-2-4481133 K-12 Indian CBSE
Indian Modern Science School +971-2-6313663 K-10 Indian CBSE
Leens School and Kindergarten +971-2-6428811 primary Indian CBSE
Little Flower Private School +971-2-6427751 primary Indian Montessori?
Merryland International School Indian CBSE
New Abu Dhabi Indian School proposed Indian CBSE
New Indian Model School Abu Dhabi +971-2-4482048 K-12 Indian CBSE, SSLC 3,000-4,150
New Indian Model School Mussafah +971-2-5527200 K-12 Indian CBSE, SSLC 3,000-4,150
New Indian School Madinat Zayed Indian CBSE
Our Own English High School Abu Dhabi +971-2-6425990 K-10 Indian CBSE 2,400-3,500
Private International English School K-12 Indian CBSE 8,000-15,000
Sherwood Academy +971-2-4486688 K-10 Indian CBSE 6,950-10,000
Sherwood Al Tawan School IGCSE +971-2-4474406 K-12 Indian/UK IGCSE, O-Level
St Josephs School Abu Dhabi +971-2-4463646 Indian CBSE
Sunrise English Private School +971-2-6423399 Indian CBSE
Sunrise English School Mussafah +971-2-5529989 Indian CBSE
The Model School K-12 Indian
Wisdom High School +971-2-6423910 Indian CBSE
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