Hill Stations Near Hyderabad

Hill Stations are one of the tourist attractions, with hilly ranges and lush green woods that draw visitors and are ideal for relaxing on weekends. Hyderabad is a city in Telangana state and has some Hill Stations, and there are several Hill Stations around Hyderabad.

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Nagarjuna Sagar

It is the Dam, surrounding places are filled with the green lush forest that keeps visitors happy and pleasant.
Activities: Island, Museum, falls, Nature, Boating, Landscape
Distance: 140 km


This place is located in Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh, around 4-hour journey from Hyderabad City. Dam, Green forest, Temples are the prime attractions here.
Activities: Dam, Temples, Forest
Distance: 211 km


Around 5 hours of the journey that takes you to Bhadrachalam located 312 km from Hyderabad
Activities: Falls, Sight Seeing, Forest, Valleys
Distance: 312

Horsley hills

Horsley Hills is located in Andhra Pradesh, that 10-hour journey from Hyderabad, the main tourist places are Lake Gangotri, High view seeing place, Gaalibanda, Environmental park, and the Horsley Hills Museum.
Activities: Hiking, Rappelling, Trekking, Markets, Shopping, Hill Station, Hill Top, hill, Scenic Point, Sightseeing
Distance: 521 km


Located at an elevation of about 1168 meters, Ananthagiri is a beautiful hill station for its scenic beauty. On the way to Ananthagiri, tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of coffee plantations, mango plantations, and other fruit orchards, this Hill Station is about 7 hours and 30 minutes ride from Hyderabad.
Activities: Plantation, Forest, Landscape, falls, Rivers
Distance: 568 km


Located 624 km from Hyderabad that about 10 hours journey, is surrounded by hills, and can see Beaches, Boating.
Activities: Beach, Boating, Fishing, Swimming, Bird Watching
Distance: 624 km

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