List of Filipino Restaurants in Dubai

Filipinos, hailing from the Philippines, are renowned for their culinary prowess and delicious dishes. With a sizable Filipino community residing in Dubai, the city is home to a plethora of Filipino restaurants offering authentic Philippine cuisine. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the notable and prominent Filipino eateries scattered across different parts of the city.

Filipino restaurants offer a taste of the vibrant and diverse culinary landscape of the Philippines. Known for their flavorful dishes and warm hospitality, these eateries serve up a variety of traditional Filipino favorites, from hearty stews and grilled meats to refreshing desserts and snacks. Whether you’re craving the savory goodness of adobo or the sweet indulgence of halo-halo, Filipino restaurants provide a delicious and authentic dining experience that celebrates the rich heritage of Filipino cuisine.

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Filipino Restaurants


Age Mono Japanese RestaurantP.O.Box: 124145, Al Attar Shopping Centre, Al Kuwait Street, Karama Second
Big John RestaurantP.O.Box: 11876, Al Satwa Road, Al Bada
Bulwagang Filipino RestaurantP.O.Box: 5881, Karama Shopping Centre, Karama
Far East RestaurantP.O.Box: 30782, Trade Centre Road, Al Karama 2
Fiesta Filipino RestaurantP.O.Box: 5881, Dubai
Pita RestaurantP.O.Box: 113228, Khalid bin Al Waleed Street, Karama 1
Tagpuan Filipino RestaurantP.O.Box: 52159, Al Karama 2
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