List of Army Training Institute and Centres in India

The below list is a major training institute located in a different part of the country,  it trains and educates on the weapon, Medical treatment, Rescue, Combat, Communications, Infantry Manufacturing, and Etc.

Army (Military) Training Institutes:

  1. Military College for Telecommunication Engg, Mhow
  2. College of Military Engineering, Pune
  3. Armoured corps centre & School
  4. The College of Combat, Mhow
  5. The College of Defense Management, Secunderabad
  6. The School Artillery, Deorali
  7. The Infantry Schools, Mhow & Belgaum
  8. The Army Ordnance School, Jabalpur
  9. The Army Service Corps School, Bareilly
  10. The Army & Air Transport School, Agra
  11. The Corps of Military Police centre & School, Bangalore
  12. The Electrical & Mechanical Engg, Secunderabad
  13. Remount Veterinary corps centre and School, Meerut
  14. Intelligence Training School & Depot, Pune

Air Force Training Centres:

  1. Air Force Administrative College, Coimbatore
  2. Air Force Flying College, Jodhpur
  3. Air Force Technical College, Jalahalli
  4. Air Force Paratroopers Training School, Agra
  5. Flying Inspectors’ School, Tambaram
  6. Air Force Academy, Hyderabad
  7. Air Force School Sambra, Belgaum
  8. Elementary Flying School, Bidar
  9. Fighter Training and Transport Training Wings of the Air Force, Hakimpet Yelahanka
  10. Institute of Aviation Medicine, Bangalore
  11. College Air Warfare, Secunderabad.
  1. I.N.S. Venduruthy, Kochi
  2. I.N.S., Kochi
  3. I.N.S. Shivaji, Lonavala (Maharashtra)
  4. I.N.S. Valsura, agar
  5. I.N.S. Circars, Visakhapatnam
  6. I.N.S. Hamla, Mumbai
  7. LN.S. Kistna. Junior Officers Training Ship
  8. I.N.S. Angre, Mumbai
  9. FN.S. Kunjali, Mumbai
  10. Indian Naval Academy, Kochi.

Other Training Centres and Schools:

  1. Institute of Armament Studies, Kirkee (Pune), the first of its kind in India
  2. School of Foreign Languages, New Delhi (only for officers of the Armed Forces)
  3. College of Military Engineering, Pune
  4. Armed Forces Medical College, Pune
  5. Armoured Corps Centre and School, Ahmednagar
  6. The School of Signals, Mhow
  7. The School of Artillery, Deolali
  8. The Infantry School, Mhow
  9. The Army Ordnance School, Jabalpur
  10. The Army Services School, Bareilly.

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