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List of Museums in Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich city has several Museums that exhibit the Art, Design, Craft, and History of Switzerland, the following list shows the museums in Zurich which are opened to the public.

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay
Name of the Museum
Zurich Museum of ArtOne of the significant art museums of Europe has the largest collections in classic modern art
Swiss National MuseumA National Museum shows the cultural and historical background of Switzerland.
Centre Le CorbusierIt is an Art Museum dedicated to the work of the Swiss architect
Rietberg MuseumThis Museum is one of the great repositories of art and culture in Zurich
Museum of DesignDisplays industrial design, visual communication, architecture, and craft.
Haus KonstruktivIt's about constructive, concrete, and conceptual art and design
Uhrenmuseum BeyerThis Museum keeps a large collection of mechanical timepieces, water clocks, Sundials, and Hourglasses.
Guild housesSituated at the bank Limmat River.
Tram MuseumIt Shows the History of Zurich's iconic tram system
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