List of Major Battles and Wars

From 490 BC to 2003, the world’s major battles and wars are listed below.

Battle of Marathon (490BC)

A battle between the Greeks and Persian forces. Larger Persian forces were defeated by the less number of Greek Forces.

Battle of Saloms (480BC)

The battle between Greeks and Persian forces and Greeks repulsed the Persian forces.

Battle of Actium

Naval forces of the Roman king Octavien defeats the combined force of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra.

Battle of Hastings (1066AD)

A battle between England and Normans. King Harold of England was defeated and England was brought under Norman control.

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Battle of Neva (1240AD)

Alexander Newsky of Russia defeats Swedes on the bank of river Neva.

Hundred Year’s war (1338-1453AD)

A war between France and England. This was ended by the sacrifice of Joan of Arc.

Italian Wars (1494-1559AD)

This was the war between the Valois dynasty of France and Hapsburgs for the control of Italy. In this war result was inconclusive.

Civil war of England (1642-49 AD)

This Civil war was fought between the forces of King Charles I and Parliament forces due to policy differences.

Battle of Blenheim (1704AD)

In the battle of Blenheim England and Austria defeated the French and Bavarians.

American war of Independence (1776-1783 AD)

In this war of independence, George Washington defeats the English forces and America becomes an independent state.

Battle of the Nile (1798 AD)

A naval fight between British and French forces in Aboukir bay, near Alexandria. British forces won the battle.

Battle of Trafalgar (1805 AD)

It was the naval battle between the British navy and the combined French Spanish navy. The British navy was victorious.

Battle of Waterloo (1815 AD)

Combined forces of Britain, Holland, Belgium and Prussian led by Duke of Wellington defeats Nepolean was captured and exiled to St.Helena.

Crimean war (1854-56 AD)

This war was fought between Russia and the combined forces of England France and Turkey. Was ends as Russia offers peace.

American civil war (1861-65 AD)

This civil war was fought between Northern and Southern states America.

Boer war (1889-1901 AD)

Boer war was fought between British forces and Dutch forces in South Africa.

Sino – Japanese war (1894-95 AD)

In this war, China was defeated by Japan and Japan Occupies Formosa and Korea.

Spanish-America war (1898 AD)

America defeated Spain.

Russo-Japanese war (1904 -05 AD)

This was also called as Battle of the Sea of Japan. In this war Russian fleet was defeated by the Japanese fleet.

World War I (1914-18 AD)

The allied forces of Britain, France, the USA etc., defeated Germany and its associates.

Battle of Jutland (1916 AD)

The naval battle between Britain and German navies in North sea during 1st world war.

World War II (1939 -45 AD)

The Allies (Britain, France, USA, Russia and Benelux countries etc.,) defeated the Axis powers. (Germany, Italy and Japan)

The Korean War (1950-53 AD)

The war between North Korea and South Korea and due to UN intervention situation was controlled.

Arab- Israel war (June 1967 AD)

In this war, Isreal defeated the combined forces of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan.

Iran-Iraq War (1980-88 AD)

The Iran and Iraq war was fought during the period 1980-1988. It was stopped due to UN Intervention.

The Gulf war (1991 AD)

As Iraq annexed Kuwait, war was started between multinational forces led by USA and Iraq. Iraq suffered heavy casualties.

Iraq War (2003)

The American and Britain forces wages war against Iraq to disarm Iraqi President Saddam Hussian from mass destructive weapons. The war ends with the fall of President Saddam’s regime.

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