List of Best Beaches in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is one of the economically notable States in the Coastline of India, which take part in the Bay of Bengal. The state has many tourist places along with many beautiful beaches with some tiny attraction around. There are dozens of Beaches in India we have listed Best Beaches that visited in most numbers. The Coastline of the State Spread about 960 km that second largest, which bordered Orissa to North and Tamil Nadu to West. The Coastline has many beaches and that famous by nearest attractions such as Forts, Harbor, Nature, Temples, River Merging, Lighthouse, and Monuments. There are facilities to stay for the Visitors to beaches such as Beach resorts, Guest Houses, Hotels, Home stays and Restaurants that provided by the Government and Private sectors.

The list of Best Beaches of Andhra Pradesh including details of Location and attraction around.

Beach Or Place Name and Details

1.Bhavanapadu Beach

A Village in Coastline of Srikakulam District, Located near Santha Bommali, and The Beach in the Village attract Fishing Harbor and one of the Picnic Spot. Nearest Railway Station to Bhavanapadu is Naupada Junction.

2. Baruva

It is the Village and well Known Beach Resort located near Sompeta in Srikakulam District, the River Mahendra Tanaya Merges into Sea at this place. British used once this place as a Seaport up to 1948. The Beach in Baruva attracts Old Harbor, Kotilingeshwara Tempe, Janardhana Swamy Temple. The Nearest Railway Station is Baruva, which connects Howrah to Chennai.

3. Kalingapatnam

A Town and Mandal Headquarters located in Srikakulam district, River Vamsadhara meets Bay of Bengal in this place, Kalingapatnam has beach resort and there are many attractions near to the beach.

4. Kallepalli

Kallepali is a Village and Beach resort located just 5 Km from Srikakulam town, the River Nagavali meets the Bay of Bengal which ideal for Kallepalli Beach.

5. Mogadalapadu

A Beauful Village with Beach located near Kalingapatnam in Srikakulam district. Accessible by Road bus services available from Srikakulam Town.

6. Salihundam

It is a village and has beach that located in Gara in Srikakulam district, the place has Buddhist Stupas and other monuments near to this Village.

7. Sri Kurmam

A Village with many attractions and one of the Natural Place for Picnic, which located in Srikakulam disrtict just 13 km away. The Beach is place for Tortoise and has Srikurmam Temple that attracts visitors of Beach.

8. Bheemunipatnam

A Town with Scenic Beauty located in Visakhapatnam district, and has beach with many attractions such as Lighthouse, Temples, Shopping, and River Goshthani Merges to Sea.

9. Ramakrishna Mission Beach

A most popular beach in Visakapatnam. Swimming, sun bathing and Beach volleyball are ideal for this Beach. Other attractions are Kali Temple, Visaka Museum, Restaurants which offering Seafoods and INS Kursura Submarine Museum.

10. Suryalanka Beach

Cottages at Suryalanka BeachLocated just 9 kilometers from Bapatla in Guntur District, the nearest railway station is Bapatla just 7 km away and Buses available frequently from Bapatla. Government providing One Beach Resort and Private Hotels and Lodges available in Bapatla Town.

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