List of Beaches in Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu is a State in Southern part of India and called as Temple Town, one of the leading tourist place including beautiful beaches. The Coastline of the state stretched about 910 kilometers, and the Coastline ideal for Beach resorts, once 2004 Ocean Tsunami affected to the Coastline and lost thousands of lives, Anyway the beaches nowadays active and highly crowded in the perfect seasons.

The Following list shows Best Beaches in Tamil Nadu.

Beach Name or Place Name and Details

1. Covelong

A small Fishing village with beach located about 40 km south of Chennai, was port town in the empire era. Accommodations such as Luxury Beach resorts and Hotels available to stay, Wind surfing the attraction in the Covelong beach.

2. Dhanushkodi

One of the notable Tourist Place in Tamil Nadu, Dhanushkodi is a Town near to Rameswaram island, just 18 miles from Talaimannar (In Srilanka), and this place is surrounded by Sea and very close to Sri Lanka.

3. Edward Elliot’s Beach

A Beautiful Beach active day and night is located in Basant Nagar in Chennai,most visitors to the beach from Chennai city, highly crowded in the whole year. There are many attraction around and accommodations to stay.

4. Golden Beach

A Beach in the City of Chennai and A Prime Tourist Spot has many places to see, situated on East Coast Road which road leads to Cuddalore via Pondicherry.

5. Marina Beach

This Beach has about 13 kilometers long plain coastline that ideal for beach environment. The Beach located in Coromandel in Chennai City, and attracts around 30,000 visitors a day. There are many attractions nearby this beach such as Statue, Historical Monuments, Memorials, and Fishing Activities.

6. Silver Beach

A Beach located 2 km from Cuddalore, and one of the longest beaches in Asiastretched about 57 km long. A water sport is the entertainment option for beach visitors, other attractions are Mangrove forest, Old lighthouse, Forts(Built by British empire).

7. Mandapam

A Town located in Ramanathapuram District and has a beach called Mandapam Beach the town is near to the Country Srilanka.

8. Muthukkadu

A Village in Pudukkottai District has about 3,000 populations and has beautiful beach.

9. Rameswaram Beach

Rameshwaram is a Popular Town has many notable tourist interest sites, and the town has a beach which featured with no waves that best for Swimming and Sun bathing, the Beach located in Ramanathapuram district and the town at least bottom of Indian Map which is very close to Srilanka.

10. Mahabalipuram Beach

A Clean Beach located in the Temple Town Mahabalipuram of kancheepuram district, the historical background of the town attracts thousands of visitors and many of them visits and takes sun bath in the Beach.

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