List of American Curriculum Schools in Abu Dhabi

There are several American Curriculum Schools Providing Quality educations for American peoples who living in Abu Dhabi, and the Schools teaching as per American standard. The following American Schools which offers Curriculum of America including Primary and Secondary Level.

School Name Tel Level Curriculum Qualifications School Fees
21st Century Academy Abu Dhabi K-12 Philippines/US 3,000-6,400
Abu Dhabi Philippine Academy K-12 Philippines/US 3,000-6,400
Al Raha Gardens Schools K-12 UK/US/Int IB, NC
American Community School Abu Dhabi +971-2-6815115 K-12 US IB, AP 39,960-73,130
American International School Abu Dhabi +971-2-4444333 K-12 US IB DP, PYP, US HS diploma 27,960-50,820
Edison World School Abu Dhabi K-12 US
Emirates Future International Academy +971-2-5525188 primary Indian/US CBSE 6,250-13,000
GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi +971-2-5574880 K-12 US IB (pending approval) 31,500-66,780
GEMS World Academy Abu Dhabi +971-2-6416333 K-12 UK/US IB DP, MYP, PYP 25,000-55,650
PISCO Private School +971-2-6410918 K-10 Philippines/US
Universal Future Education School Abu Dhabi K-12 US
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