Largest Banks in India

India is one of the largest countries in the world by Area, Economy, and Population. Banking is the most prominent sector in India for public and business. There are hundreds of Banks in India which owned by both Private and Government. We listed below largest banks in India by Total asset and total numbers of employees actively working combined all branches. The Top Banks in India which is ranked by revenue, they also assist several financial services and products in India and worldwide.

10. Axis Bank

This is an Indian financial services firm that established in 1994, headquartered in Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. The bank has more than 1281 branches, over 6270 ATMs as on 2011, 21,640 employees and total assets $53.36 billion.

Axis Bank

9. IDBI Bank

IDBI (Industrial Development Bank of India) is the financial services company, the main office situated in Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, it was established in 1964. It has above 14,000 employees, total asset 55.69 billion US dollars, over 1500 ATM, 923 Branches including overseas offices.


8. Standard Chartered Bank

It is one of the leading players in Indian banking sector, originally opened its branches in Mumbai in 1858 as the Chartered Bank of India, Australia, and China, and The Standard Bank of British South Africa, but in 1969 it merged and named as Standard Chartered Bank. The main international headquarters situated in London in the UK. It has branches and ATM’s in the main cities of India. This Bank has around $800 million Profit before Tax.

Standard Chartered

7. HDFC Bank

This is the financial services company in India, headquartered in Mumbai in India and founded in 1994. HDFC Bank holds 1,986 branches and above 5,471 ATMs, in 996 cities in India. The total assets of a bank are 65.48 billion US dollars and have 55,752 staff. It is one of the largest banks in India by total assets and competitive to the other major banks in India.


6. Bank of India

It is one of the oldest banks in India which is founded on 7 September 1906 and headquartered in Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. It has over 3400 branches including overseas branches. Its Profit is 547.52 million US dollars and it has Total assets of over 70 billion US dollars. It one of the Governments owned financial services in India.

Bank of india

5. Canara Bank

Canara Bank is a financial services company that owned by State government of India, headquartered in Bangalore in Karnataka state and founded in 1906. The bank has over 3100 branches and over 4000 ATM’s across India. It holds over 44,000 employees as on 2011, which including from foreign branches of Canara Bank. The Total asset of this bank is 72.3 billion US dollars.

Canara Bank

4. Bank of Baroda

This is the Banking and Financial services industry, headquartered in Vadodara and Mumbai in India and founded in 1908. It owns over 3,400 branches and offices, over 1600 ATM centers and Total assets of 78.28 billion US dollars. Bank of Baroda has branches and offices in overseas.

Bank of Baroda

3. Punjab National Bank

This is the third largest Bank in India by total assets, headquartered in New Delhi in India and founded in 1895. It is one of the largest states owned commercial bank in India with around 5000 branches in about 764 towns and cities and has 37 million customers, 56,928 staff. The Total Assets of the bank is 82.23 billion dollars.

Punjab National Bank

2. ICICI Bank

The full form of ICICI is ‘Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India’ is the second largest bank in India, headquartered in Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra and founded in 1955, The Bank has branches of over 2500 and over 8,000 ATM’s in India and has comportment in 19 countries. ICICI Banks has 79,978 staff and the Total assets of this bank are 119.69 billion US dollars and profit is 1.36 billion US dollars.


1. State Bank of India (SBI)

This is the largest bank in India, it is public banking and financial service state-owned Government Company, headquartered in Mumbai in India and founded in 1955. It has 222,933 staff in around the world with 13,000 outlets including 150 overseas branches. The Total Profit of SBI is 2.34 US Billion Dollars and a Total asset is 369.56 billion US dollars and lists top in total profit and total assets.


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