How to Tackle Schengen Visa Refusals

Every Indian has this special European dream: to travel to Europe, experience the lifestyle, culture, feast on the tasty food, click Photos, and share them with friends and family. But things do not always go as Planned.

Filing a visa application is no easy feat. Especially if it is an application for a visa that will allow you to enter 27 mind-blowing European countries. You guessed it right. We are talking about the popular Schengen visa.

Did you, too, plan an impromptu trip to Europe? Did you, too, end up applying for a visa with little or no research? Did your visa get rejected? And yet, you do not plan to give up on the dream; instead, you are thinking of reapplying for the Schengen visa.

When applying for the first time is so difficult in itself, how does one even begin to fathom trying it again, and that too after facing a brutal visa rejection? Well, do not worry. What you first need to understand is that a visa rejection for any country is more common than you think. And if done right, reapplication is not a huge challenge.

Before moving forward, it is important to know about the Appeal Process –

An Appeal is a process through which you can request a review of the Visa application at the Embassy. Here, you need to put forth your urgency to travel, the genuine Purpose of travel, and attach the necessary documents that may have been missed in the previous application.

Its only downside is that there is no assurance that the next Visa decision will be positive, and it is also quite time-consuming as the Embassy may not even respond to Appeals.

The factors to Consider while Reapplying for Schengen Visa

When it comes to planning a reapplication for a Schengen visa, there are quite a lot of factors you need to consider and work on. Every one of these factors will affect the application in some way. Especially when applying after facing a visa rejection, you cannot leave any stone unturned.

Understanding the reasons for rejection.

To reapply, you first need to understand the reasons for your Schengen visa refusal. Since this refusal letter may contain terms you are not familiar with, it is recommended to contact Professionals before proceeding further. Once you understand the rejection letter well, research and analyze the possible errors in your application. 

Remember, this stage is vital and will determine the success ratio of your second application. Do not hesitate to seek professional help if needed.

Select and Apply to the Correct Category

Schengen Visa categories are easy to understand as they are named according to the Purpose of the visit. Choose the category according to your strongest Purpose. 

Organize documents Accordingly

Make sure all the documents are in order. Preparing a Checklist of documents to keep track is always recommended. 

Your data should correspond to your documents

Ensure that there is no discrepancy between the documents and the data you will be submitting. Prepare a Cover letter mentioning Complete, Authentic, and clear details of the trip. Do not keep any hidden information.

Ensuring strong financial stability:

Provide complete financial information with clear transaction records, sources of income, and attach a self-declaration wherever necessary. 

Highlighting ties to the home country.

Do not forget to add your family ties, and your financial incentives to the Application. This will give proper closure to the application.

Apply with Confidence and Seek Professional Help –

Apply with confidence and do not have second thoughts about the Visa application. Just because you have failed once, that does not mean it is the end. If all the documents are in order and a genuine application is filed, there should be no room to think about another refusal. Professionals have the right understanding of what kind of case needs to leave a gap before reapplying, they know the availability of submission appointment dates and the processing time taken by the authorities, etc., all of which help in deciding the right time for reapplying for a Schengen visa.

What is the ideal time to reapply?

While experts’ suggestion is right and leaving a gap between the original application and the reapplication is ideal, it completely depends on the type of visa applied for, the country you have applied through, and most importantly, your planned travel date. Considering all these points you will need to reapply for the visa as soon as possible. In some cases, this can happen just a week after rejection, while in other cases, it can happen after a 90-day gap.

Finally, getting a Visa refusal is part and parcel of the process. It can be overcome.

All you have to do is find good professional assistance, decide the timeline of when to reapply, prepare your documents again, make changes in the application wherever necessary, strengthen your application with additional financial ties, proof of ties to the home country, and that will be the right time to reapply for a Schengen visa!

Amit Somkuvar
BTW Visa Services India Pvt Ltd

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