How to Stop Someone Tracking Your Phone Location

People’s concerns about their privacy have been quite widespread in recent years. It’s also become remarkably easy for someone to track your phone’s whereabouts. This is due to the rise in cell phone usage, as well as the fact that many people would like to know where you are.

However, I’m damn sure that you don’t want someone to track your location, but What would you do if someone is tracking your location? You can do nothing or stop the tracking user. It is very easy to track a person’s phone without knowing his phone number. So how to find out where that person is and make him stop using that service. Here are some steps for you to follow. It is very important to keep your privacy intact.

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There are some steps you can take to stop people from tracking your location on their phones.

How Do People Track Your Phone?

Before we get into how to stop someone from tracking your phone, it’s important to understand how individuals can track your phone in the first place. There are many ways by which someone could be tracking you and your phone. The easiest and most convenient method is through the apps that are freely available on the internet.

These apps are mainly designed by hackers who want to sneak into someone’s phone. There is another tracking system that is mainly used by the authorities agencies such as the FBI, CIA, Police, and so on. They install secret mobile tracking software on your phone to track its location.

Through GPS

GPS tracking is probably the most common method used by people. Many GPS applications are available for free download on the internet. These applications enable you to track down the exact location of a cell phone using its GPS receiver. But if you are using a VPN then it gets harder for anyone to track your location.

This provides you with a good idea of the location of an individual at any time. This system is also commonly used by people who wish to track down their wayward children or employees who violate their employer’s rules and regulations.

Through Wi-Fi

Another way in which someone could be tracking you is through your wireless network and Wi-Fi base stations that you connect with every time you use your phone. It’s very easy for someone to hack into your wireless network and determine the location of a device through its router.

Through IMEI

Another way to track your phone and its location are through an IMEI number. Every device and every mobile has a unique number that acts as a fingerprint, and it’s called the IMEI number. It’s possible for someone to hack into your mobile network and get hold of your IMEI numbers. Once they have this information, it won’t be hard for them to use apps in order to track you.

11 Signs That Your Phone Is Being Tracked

A device that has been interfered with by monitoring or spyware software would behave differently than one that has not been tampered with. Here are some symptoms that your phone has been hacked or is being tracked. However, you can also try code to check if your phone is hacked on your phone to know whether you are being tacked or not.

  1. Weird Text Messages: You’ll get a text message from someone you don’t know, but the sender’s phone number is your own.
  2. Extra Data Usage: Your phone is on the constant lookout for a network connection, even though you’re nowhere near another human being. Your data usage has skyrocketed.
  3. Unwanted Browser History: Your browser history is full of pages that you didn’t visit and use your phone for something other than browsing.
  4. Lost Contacts: Your contacts disappear as mysteriously as any normal space, with no trace of where they went.
  5. Unwanted Activity: When your phone is sleeping, it doesn’t know when to stop recording and wakes up to record another minute in a loop.
  6. New Apps: You can’t remember installing some new apps on your phone, like a “NeverLost” app and a “Find Me If You Can” app
  7. Suspicious WhatsApp Messages: Someone has your WhatsApp account and is using it to message other people without your knowledge by disguising their phone number as yours in the conversation preview.
  8. Faster Battery Draining: You can’t remember if you turned on WiFi or Bluetooth and your battery is constantly draining, then somebody might be monitoring your phone. 
  9. New Passwords: You’ve forgotten all your old passwords, but a new one pops up for every website you visit.
  10. Unwanted Calls & Texts: Someone is calling and texting you from your phone number that you don’t recognize.
  11. Hearing Suspicious Sounds: You hear a sound coming from your phone, but you can’t explain what it is.

7 Ways To Protect My Phone From Being Tracked

  1. Use Airplane Mode to Block Someone from Tracking Your Mobile Phone: An easy way to stop someone from tracking your phone location is to disable your WiFi or data connection, so our app can’t use your connection to find out where you are. 
  2. Use a Spy App: One way to stop someone from tracking your phone location is by using an Android spy app to protect the privacy of the information on your device or prevent others from looking at what you’re doing on it.
  3. Turn Off Location Services: To keep up with our location, you can turn off location services on your smartphone (no, it doesn’t affect anything else on the device) or turn off Bluetooth on your phone (this will prevent someone from scanning for nearby WiFi access points). Turning off location services will probably make your phone a lot less traceable.
  4. Use a VPN: One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent someone from tracking your phone location is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which keeps snoopers from seeing your locations and spyware from getting to your computer. A VPN allows you to change your IP address, which makes it difficult for snoopers and spyware to track you.
  5. Factory Reset Your Phone: One of the most effective ways to stop someone from tracking your phone location is by factory resetting your phone and erasing everything on it. This will eliminate any personal data stored on the device, but make sure you back up anything important before you do it because you’ll have to set up everything again afterward.
  6. Disable location-based notifications or alerts: Some apps will alert you when you’re approaching a place that is particularly interesting to your friend or employer, so disable notifications for these kinds of apps so that you can’t be tracked.
  7. Avoid downloading apps from suspicious websites: Most apps you download from 3rd party websites or other app stores will give access to other services and allow them to track your location, so check for anything suspicious before downloading it.


In the end, you should use any techniques which will give you some privacy. There are numerous ways to track a phone easily. It’s always good to be careful about what you do on your smartphone. Also, check the app reviews before installing any app on your device. If someone has installed an application for tracking purposes on your mobile phone, I suggest that you remove it as soon as possible. 

Nowadays we are surrounded by many apps like GPS tracking apps, find location apps, and spy apps that help to track any mobile number or person’s location in real-time. We also recommend that you thoroughly check the contents of your phone and alert the police if you find anything suspicious.

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