Best WordPress Plugins to make Website Search Engine Friendly

The plugins are very crucial for SEO, traffic, design, performance and security. The below-mentioned plugins help wordpress users to optimize their website for SEO and security, the all plugins listed below are a flexible tool for the clean and perfect website.

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Plugins for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one the primary stand for websites that can boost visitors to your site by sending organic traffic from major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  • All in One SEO Pack: This is the packed with advanced option of SEO features and supports Google Analytics, Custom Post Types, Advanced canonical URL’s, and built-in API to cover its functionality.
  • Worpress SEO by Yost: It offers a broad range of features on SEO and optimization features for keeping clean content, its best features are XML sitemaps, RSS optimization, breadcrumbs, editing your .htaccess and robots.txt file, social integration, import & export functionality.
  • SEO Ultimate: This plugins provides many features like above listed SEO plugins, the advanced functionality are Snippet creator, author highlighter, canonicalizer, 404 monitor, permalink tweater, slug optimizer, link mask generator.

Related Post Plugins

Related Post Plugins helps reduce bounce rate of the website by visiting other similar posts often. Install Related post plugins one of the below for a perfect result.

  • Contextual Related Posts: It allows you to display both thumbnail and text display on posts with lots of options, with support for thumbnails, short codes, widgets, the algorithm, custom post types, caching and CSS styles.
  • Yet Another Related Posts: Personally I used this once, is popular and over 2 million downloads, plugins supports for many features include thumbnails and textual display of related posts, custom post types and RSS feed display.

Cache Plugins for Best Performance

The Cache Plugins definitely worth to install for clean code, fast load and saves bandwidth of the website by caching each post and scripts. The plugins Caching your contents and slims all materials to load faster to visitors from server.

  • WP Super Cache: Your Dynamic wordpress site generates static html files to serve faster. its main features are PHP caching, compress pages, Cache rebuild, CDN support, Extra homepage checks. WP super cache with more than 5 million downloads is the top caching plugin by popularity.
  • W3 Total Cache: The Plugin easy to operate and with lots of functions is improving the user experience by increasing server performance, it’s minify HTML. CSS, JavaScript and feeds codes to save bandwidth. The main functions are caching of css and JavaScript, caching of category, tags, comments, search results, caching of objects, caching of the database, browser caching.
  • Hyper Cache: it easy to configure with many different features, supports mobile devices, manages plain and gzip compressed pages, auto clean system to reduce the disk usage, compressed storage to reduce the disk space usage, and caching of 404 and redirects.

Security Plugins to Protect WordPress

Nowadays security is important for every website publisher and wordpress plugins has several best security plugins that protects your whole wordpress website by spammers, passwords hacking, bad scripts and virus.

  • Better WP Security: Better WP Security is widely used plugin on wordpress, it offers best features and techniques, takes most the security related functionality to protect spammer and hackers. The Plugin Scan and protect commonly generated tags by users and dynamically.
  • Wordfence Security: Wordfence is the Free Security plugins, no hidden features, its features including firewall, virus scanning, and scans core files that can be repaired your core, theme and plugin files.
  • BulletProof Security: A plugin with lots of functionality, it protects on suspicious codes (in JS, HTML, and PHP), Admin files and accessing area such as login and register, Email, database, wordpress files including themes and plugins.

Social Media Sharing Plugins

Sharing is caring that most of the blogger believe. The content shared by visitors that send traffic to your site. Social network sharing is prominent part to share your content to whom like your site and there is many plugins have option to show social network sharing buttons with attractive design. The social network is great way to boost your post if the post informative.

  • Sociable: Popular with over 2.2 million downloads, sociable offers many features on posts that how to appear on the sidebar, floating with the option to change colors, social networks and introduced new options recently.
  • Sharebar: Sharbar is one of the famous social plugin that offers automatic social bar display and manual using shortcodes, there are 3 places to add share buttons dynamically on pages is vertical box on left and right sides of the pages and Horizontal box under the page title.
  • Share This: With much option to share from more than 120 social channels, choose social networks want to display on each post and pages. Option to select small and large buttons on various parts of the pages with social analytic. The plugins downloaded over 1.5 million WordPress users.
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