Best Tourist Spots in Singapore You’d Love to Visit

Singapore is a hub for excellence with regard to commerce, infrastructure, and most importantly, tourism. It is quintessential that a progressing or progressed country invariably maintains skyscrapers, mobile towers, schools, hospitals, recreation centers, et al. to scale the heights of urbanization. However, in doing so, Singapore has not overlooked the need to beautify. Thus, making it one of the favorites for tourists.

Enlisted below is a list of Singapore tourist spots that make up for the best Singapore attractions.

China Town

A little of China is there in almost any South Asian country. Singapore is certainly not the odd one out. China Town is a saga of Chinese history that is etched within, making itself one valuable historical asset of Singapore.

There are many traditional shops and relics which attract tourists in zillions to China Town. The place houses several old Chinese temples, mosques, Buddhist monasteries, and also Hindu temples; a melting pot of culture per se.

This isn’t all. If you are a foodie, you ought to treat your taste buds with the best possible food available here. And for that shopaholic friend of yours, China Town is a mecca.

China Town, Singapore
Photo by Tri Noviardi Thamrin via Flickr

Little India

Another feather to the cap of Singapore tourism is Little India. As the name suggests, this place in Singapore is home to Indian culture. Because of its specialties with regard to tourist interests, this place is one of the oldest historical tourist spots in Singapore.

Imagine yourself amidst the vast contour of an Indian market selling out anything and everything under the sun. The famous incense, spices, fabric, décor; all represent India in the best hues. And all of it in the heart of a progressive nation likes Singapore. The place boasts of having one of the famous wet markets of Singapore.

Little india singapore
Photo by William Cho via Flickr

Singapore Flyer

If you have been thinking to get a clear glimpse of picturesque Singapore in a blink, then assure yourself that it isn’t a far-flung dream at all. Yes, here at Singapore Flyer, your senses will open themselves to experience the magic.

Singapore Flyer is a giant wheel that has made itself renowned for being the largest in the world. Exhibiting brilliant engineering, it is only of its kind wheel that presents a panoramic view of the city as well as some parts of Malaysia. A large ferry wheel indeed can make you feel divinity for a while.

Singapore Flyer, Asia’s largest observation wheel
Image by tee2tee from Pixabay

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Based on Tang Dynasty, this historical architecture is situated in China Town of Singapore. The aim of building this temple was to venerate the tooth relic of Buddha. This plus monument comprises of four-story, and on the topmost floor is housed the relic.

The chamber is built of solid gold weighing 400 kg. However, this chamber is not open to visitors and tourists. But, they are certainly provided an opportunity to view it from the visiting gallery.
This temple is also known as the historical museum which houses Buddhist assets. It’s also commonly believed that the place also has got other relics of the enlightened Buddha that include his sacred tongue and bone relics.

The Buddha Prayer Chakra (wheel), a rooftop garden, and a theater are the other points of interest in the temple.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
Photo by Sam Han via Flickr

Marina Bay Sands

Describing Marina Bay Sands merely as a hotel or a casino is certainly an understatement. It’s big, it’s posh, it’s modern. This unique hotel and casino are enough reasons to visit Singapore at least once.

There are infinite amenities tagged to Marina. Resorts, pools, pubs, cafes, restaurants, malls; all daunt the structure like a prized gem. Its amenities and structure are enough to compete against the much-talked-about Las Vegas or even the casinos in Hong Kong; thus making it a must-visit amongst other Singapore attractions.

Marina Bay Sands
Photo by Yen Baet via Flickr

Old Factory

This factory holds the relics of wartime Singapore. It is a typical museum that holds to itself some of the tattered historical facts from the past. Also, there is this beautiful garden in the yard that has got some vegetables which were grown during wartime. The garden is known by the name of Syonan Garden.

This place reminds me of the turbulent time that remained in Singapore and thus is hardly remembered fondly. However, the place is historically significant. It is a place where the British gave up Singapore to the Japanese and it is here that the first Ford Factory plant was set up.

Old factory singapore
Photo by Jerry Wong via Flickr

Orchid Garden and Botanic Garden

Built with the Singapore Botanic Garden, is the beautiful Orchid Garden of Singapore; a special attraction to tourists of all age groups. This Natural splendor is located at the zenith of the highest hill in Singapore.

The Orchid Garden is explicitly designed in the theme of four seasons, which means the flowers and plants in the garden are planted in the four zones; namely, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. This color zone is carefully designed by specific flowers and trees only. It was inaugurated in 1995.
The Botanic Garden is the abode for all Nature lovers; specifically, plant lovers. It is a great place to be wherein the scent and sight of the blossoms and trees make you feel a gush of freshness from within.

This place is a UNESCO Heritage site. So if you have been missing that early morning walk or exercise, or some Yoga in your busy schedule, the Botanic Garden of Singapore provides you with everything.

Orchid Garden and Botanic Garden
Photo by laine Williams via Flickr


After traveling from the history pages of Singapore, it’s well understood that you certainly want some relaxation. It is certainly a good idea always to visit Sentosa. It is a power-packed place that features great amusement options, games and sports, and other recreational activities.

If you aren’t that sporty type, close to the island, you can find several resorts and spa centers that promise to fill agility and youthful vigor. It is a top choice for party and nightlife addicts. There is so much that the island offers, it’s difficult to ignore.

Be it the history, or the indulged shopping venture, or the places to spend some family time, Singapore has it all. So get set with your bookings and packing to catch the next flight to fascinating Singapore!

sentossa singapore
Photo by Jude Revilles via Flickr
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