Barriers Faced by Indian Nationals When Applying for an Egypt Visa

Applying for a visa to travel to Egypt can be challenging, especially for Indian nationals. In this blog, we will talk about the barriers faced by Indians when applying for an Egypt visa. We will explore the visa application process and the specific challenges that Indian nationals deal with, and we will suggest possible solutions to overcome these problems.

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Understanding Visa Application Process for Egypt Visas for Indians

Before we address the barriers, let’s provide a brief overview of the Egypt visa for Indians and application process.

Step 1: Determine the Visa Type and how you will apply 

Before starting your application, decide on the type of visa you require. For most Indian tourists, a standard Egypt tourist visa or an Egypt E visa will be suitable. 

You can either apply for the Egypt visa online or at the Embassy. As the e-Visa is an electronic visa, the initial step involves registering and setting up an account. Whereas when applying through the Embassy, the application must be submitted in person. 

Step 2: Gather the Required Documents

Begin by collecting all the necessary documents as a top priority. Make a clear list of the required documents to help you keep track of your progress and ensure everything is in order for a smooth visa application process. Keep in mind that various visa types may have additional documentation requirements. 

Step 3: Apply Online or Through an Embassy 

You have two options to apply for the Egypt visa for Indians:

  • Online eVisa: To apply for the Egypt e-visa for Indians, the initial step is to create an account on the official Egypt Electronic Visa Portal. Click on “Get Your e-Visa Now,” and you will be directed to a new page where you can sign in or create a new account. Follow the outlined steps to create your account, and upon successful validation of your email address, you can log in to access your account. Fill in the required details and upload scanned documents. 

For a convenient process, you can apply for your Egypt tourist visa online through Atlys.

  • Standard Visa through the Embassy: If you choose this option, schedule an appointment at the Egyptian embassy or consulate in New Delhi or Mumbai. Submit your application form and required documents in person. During the appointment, it is possible that the visa officer might interview you. Remain calm and respond to each question truthfully and accurately.

Step 4: Pay the Visa Fees 

Depending on the visa type and application method, pay the applicable visa fee through the online portal or at the embassy/consulate during the submission of your application.

Step 5: Wait for Visa Processing 

Once you have submitted your application and paid the visa fees, await the processing of your visa. 

The processing time for Egypt e-visas is generally between 7 and 10 business days. And the standard visas through the embassy may take 3 to 15 days. 

Step 6: Receive Your Approved Visa 

If your application is successful, you will receive your approved visa in PDF format for your eVisa. You will be notified via email by the email address you provided during account creation.

Once your standard visa through the embassy is approved, it will be stamped onto your passport, and you will need to present it at the immigration counter upon arrival in Egypt. 

For your Egypt visa online, download and print the document. For standard visas, check the visa stamp for accuracy before traveling.

Specific Barriers Faced by Indian Nationals

Documentation Challenges:

Issues related to gathering necessary documents: You may encounter challenges in gathering all the required documents for your Egypt visa for Indians application. The lengthy and complicated list of necessary documents can create difficulties and extend the application process for Indian applicants.

Problems with the verification and authenticity of documents: 

Egyptian authorities place great importance on the authenticity of documents provided during the visa application process. Indian nationals may face difficulties in having their documents verified or attested by the relevant authorities, leading to delays and potential rejections.

 Financial Restrictions 

When applying for an Egypt visa for Indians, you may encounter financial challenges. 

Proof of sufficient funds for the stay in Egypt: 

Indian applicants must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to cover their expenses while in Egypt. Meeting this financial requirement can be challenging, especially if the individual’s financial situation is not well-documented. These financial constraints may hinder some individuals from pursuing their travel plans to Egypt.

Communication Issues:

Language barriers during the application process: 

Even though the website content has the option to be translated into English, the language barrier may still cause issues and delays. Translations may not capture all the critical details accurately, making it challenging for applicants to prepare their documents properly. This can lead to potential rejections or longer processing times for their visa applications. 

Understanding the Egyptian visa requirements: 

The Official Government Portal for Egyptian visas can be difficult to navigate and lacks comprehensive information. As a result, Indian applicants seeking more detailed guidance may encounter challenges. How the website’s information is distributed can make it hard to understand the specific requirements and conditions for obtaining an Egypt visa for Indians.

Indian nationals may have to rely on other websites for further research, which may not always provide accurate information. This lack of clarity on the government portal and non-reliable external sources can lead to confusion and potential errors in the visa application process.

Other problems you may face 

  • The government website may experience occasional freezing issues; however, this is a minor inconvenience, as refreshing the page can easily fix the problem.
  • While it initially appears that Indian nationals can apply for the Egypt e Visa, they might later discover that this option is not available for solo travelers.
  • Additionally, the payment process can be problematic, with some applicants receiving an error message instructing them to use a 3D Secure-enabled card. Attempting to pay with VISA and Mastercard from different banks can lead to continuous payment declines. 

Possible Solutions to Overcome Barriers:

Great news! We understand that nobody wants to deal with unnecessary struggles during the visa application process. That’s why we’ve got you covered with some possible solutions that you may consider! 

Welcome Atlys: Skip the queue and the drive to New Delhi by using Atlys to apply for your e-visa hassle-free. With Atlys, you can complete the application on the online portal and pay using various payment methods:

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express
  • Mobile wallets
  • A wide variety of other payment cards from around the world

Atlys removes many barriers that you may face when applying for your Egypt e Visa for Indians, such as language barriers, documentation challenges, lack of communication issues, and payment problems. 

Smaller Banks: If you encounter a 3D Secure error while making the payment, try using a smaller bank. These banks still use the 3D Secure system, which may help you complete your visa payment successfully. 

Give Your Bank a Call: If you face payment issues with a smaller bank, don’t panic! Give your bank a call and explain the situation. They might have flagged the transaction as potential fraud due to its foreign nature. Request that they allow the payment, and you’ll be one step closer to your Egypt adventure.

Google is Your friend. When in doubt, turn to Google for answers. Countless travelers have faced similar challenges, and solutions may be just a search away. Do research; check Facebook groups, Reddit, and Tripadvisor for helpful tips and experiences shared by fellow travelers.

Hopefully, this Helped! 

Yes, Indian nationals face several barriers when applying for an Egypt visa online, but there are methods you can use to overcome these hurdles. Embrace the solutions and seek guidance when needed to make your travel dreams a reality. 

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