5 Awe-Inspiring Botanical Gardens in the World

For nature lovers, apart from a trip to a valley or mountain destination, botanical gardens are an attractive option as well. Plants, with their various shades of green, complemented with the other colors present in nature, are a stunning sight. If the magic and eccentricities of nature intrigue you and you wander all around the world looking for places that have the perfect impressions of nature, then you unquestionably need to visit the world’s most exquisite botanical gardens. These truly are dreamlands for enthusiasts like you.

The world is brimming with botanical gardens where the best and most precious specimens of nature are preserved for the coming generations. Here are some of the gorgeous botanical gardens and you need to start ticking them off your travel bucket list!

Kew Botanical Gardens, United Kingdom

This captivating botanical garden at Kew Park has the world’s greatest collection of living plants, including more than 30,000 sorts of plant species. Its herbarium, with 7 million preserved specimens, is the world’s largest. Its primary fascination is the eco-friendly Davies Alpine House. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kew Botanical Gardens even has its own police force to monitor it constantly.

Kew Botanical Gardens
Photo by Maria_Globetrotter via Flickr

Singapore Botanical Gardens, Singapore

Set up in 1859, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a 183-acre botanic garden in Singapore with the National Orchid Garden being the most prized attraction here, which has a collection of more than 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrid species of orchids. The Singapore Botanic Gardens also has a tropical rainforest of around six hectares in size, which is older than the botanical garden itself. As a matter of fact, it is one of the two tropical rainforests found inside a city, the other being in Rio de Janeiro.

Singapore Botanical Gardens
Photo by Thanks for 1.5M views! via Flickr

Sydney Royal Botanical, Australia

The Royal Botanic Gardens is a picturesque botanic garden located in the heart of Sydney, Australia. Opened in 1816, the garden is the oldest green establishment in Australia and is one of the leading names in the list of the most important botanical gardens on the earth. Covering approximately 74 acres of land, the garden incorporates an expansive amphitheater, built around the pedestal of Farm Cove. It’s apportioned into four segments called the Lower Gardens, the Middle Gardens, the Palace Gardens, and the Bennelong zone.

Sydney Royal Botanical
Photo by Jan Wilson via Flickr

Jardin Botanique, Montreal

Built in 1931, the Jardin Botanique has both indoor and outdoor exhibits to give a year-round treat to visitors and nature lovers who visit this green area. In the hotter months, the 30 themed garden is the best place to visit in Montreal. In the cooler months, you can take a tour of the Insectarium, containing 160,000 live and safeguarded bug specimens. The showstopper of your whole trip to Jardin Botanique is going to be the “Butterflies Go Free” show here. Take your kids along!

Jardin Botanique
Photo by France via Flickr

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanical Garden, Kolkata

The Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanical Garden is also known as the Calcutta Botanical Garden. It is in the Shibpur area of Howrah, near Kolkata. This 109-hectare garden has 12,000 assortments of rare plant species. One of its genuine attractions is The Great Banyan Tree with a half-kilometer-long breadth, which looks more like a forest than a lone tree. It has 3300 aerial roots, as it stands without the main trunk. We request, literally request you to go and see this natural wonder right here in India. Look for the cheapest Bangalore to Kolkata flights just to see this lovely garden in India. That banyan tree is unquestionably going to be a beneficial ordeal to experience. Check out flight details – https://www.ixigo.com

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanical Garden
Photo by sidetrekked via Flickr

A stroll around these delectable green areas definitely can be a memorable experience. It can not only be a knowledgeable experience but can also rejuvenate your senses completely. Now you know, there is still a lot that you haven’t experienced and explored on this Earth. What are you waiting for? It’s the time!

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