9 Habits That Will Make You a Good Essay Writer

Writing an essay is something that will require a lot of time and dedication. If you want to be a good essay writer, you need to have the proper habits. This article will cover some of the habits that let you stand out in the good essay writer category.

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Some people say you must be blessed with a natural talent and have a passion for writing. Others claim everyone can learn the ropes of academic writing – it’s just a matter of skill development and constant practice. So, who’s right here?

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Tips to become a good writer:

Writing an essay is not an easy task. There are many aspects of writing that you need to master, like grammar, vocabulary, and structure. But what do you need to do in order to become a good essay writer? Let us discuss them one by one. 

1. Planning:

  1. The first thing you should do before writing your essay is to plan what it is going to look like and outline the main points of your argument. 
  2. This will help you stay on track and avoid filler content that doesn’t add anything of value.
  3. Always have a plan before you start perfect essay writing.

2. Practice:

  1. Practicing will make sure that you’re able to write essays quickly and with confidence. So, keep on practicing and write regularly. 
  2. It’s essential not only for short essays but also for longer ones, like research papers. 
  3. As such, practice writing essays whenever possible – even if they aren’t for school or work purposes!

3. Be organized:

  1. Your organized and disciplined personality reflects in your writing too. 
  2. Your organized and disciplined personality is reflected in your writing too. 
  3. We suggest you make a proper schedule and write in disciplinary order. While looking for ways to write my essay with a focused mindset and finding ways to do justice to the essay, Our writers suggest you not only rely on going with the flow but also establish an organized writing structure to follow. 
  4. If you have decided on one thing, then stick to that and make sure to stay consistent and put in daily input to reach the goal. 
  5. If you have decided on one thing, then stick to that and make sure to stay consistent and put in daily input to reach the goal. 

4. Use your time and writing strategies wisely:

  1. To become a good article writer, the most important thing would be persistence. 
  2. It is essential not to give up and keep writing. 
  3. The second most important thing would be efficient time management. 
  4. It would be best if you write your essays early and not wait until the last minute-that only leads to procrastination and stress. 
  5. The third most important thing would be developing a personal writing style because it will help you stay interested in your work and make it easier for future readers who might want to read your essays without feeling too much confusion.

5. Be your own audience: 

  1. Read what you’ve written out loud to yourself before submitting it. 
  2. We ask you to become your own critics and audience. 
  3. Analyze from their point of view and apply your writing techniques.
  4. This way, you can better address all the issues in the essay before publishing it. 

6. Good reading habits:

  1. Work on enhancing your knowledge by developing reading habits. 
  2. Do read valuable content of other authors of your niche or versatile writers. 
  3. It is conducive to polishing your writing and gives you more ideas to utilize your own thinking ways. 
  4. Read often because it also gives us an insight into how other people communicate and express themselves in written form. 
  5. Reading also helps us improve our own writing style by picking up new words or sentence structures that we can use when writing our following essay.

7. Create a content calendar for the perfect essay:

Do you remember we have just suggested you follow a proper schedule? Now let us explain why you should do this. When you make an appropriate set of outlines or start after creating a content calendar, then it saves you from going on not useful directions. 

8. Write every day: 

  1. The more you write, the better your grammar and vocabulary will become. 
  2. Writing for 30 minutes daily is outstanding practice before writing larger pieces like essays, even if it is just about what happened in your day.

9. Research your subject matter: 

  1. Read widely about your subject matter.
  2. You can do it by reading articles and books on the topic, conducting interviews, visiting websites (online or otherwise), and asking questions of knowledgeable people about the topic.


An essay is a form of advocacy or argument that requires a particular set of skills from the writer. The article is not simply an opinion or viewpoint; it is supported with evidence and sound reasoning with the use of clear, coherent language to convey its thoughts.

In this way, the essay resembles an experienced formal suggestion about ten habits that make people good essay writers. Here we have put forward the ideas for individual (or group) consideration.

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