7 Things You Should Not Miss In Vietnam

Vietnam is a country of ancient traditions, simple but unusual way of life, stunning nature, and big-hearted people. The great thing about this country is that it has something to offer to any type of tourist. However, there are some places in Vietnam that you shouldn’t miss, regardless of your preferences and tendencies.

1. My Son Temple

My Son Temple Vietnam
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If you enjoy history, but also taking beautiful photographs, this stunning Hindu temple is something that should not be missed. Built in the span of almost 1000 years, it used to be the capital of the Champa Kingdom, both in religious and political terms. It is clear just how special this historic building is when we know that it is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The temple ruins are situated in a jungle, which gives it another layer of mystery. This site, which seems surreal, is definitely worth the traveling.

2. Magical Beaches

Beaches Vietnam
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Whether you choose the southern or the northern part of Vietnam, you will be delighted by the beaches. Both the popular and the isolated beaches have their charms – white sand, beautiful water, various water sports, palm trees swinging in the wind, and restaurants with fresh seafood. Some of the most popular ones are Phu Quoc and Nha Trang. Each of the beaches offers something special, so be sure to know what you want to experience before you arrive in Vietnam.

3. Halong Bay

Halong Bay Vietnam
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Another UNESCO World Heritage Site also called the Bay of the Descending Dragons, is a spectacular combination of emerald sea, picturesque caves, and more than 3,000 scattered limestone peaks emerging from the water. If you enjoy diving, you can admire corals of various lively colors, and afterward, you can explore the gleaming caves. This natural beauty is, luckily, mainly untouched by the human hand and you should allow yourself to experience it while it is still unspoiled. However, just bear in mind that you won’t be alone at the beach, as the bay is widely popular.

4. The Capital, Hanoi

The Capital Hanoi
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As any bigger city, the capital of Vietnam offers a lot of fun activities, cultural facilities, historical sites, nightlife, and great people. Become a part of this bustling city, crowded with motorbikes, where chaos is present only at the first sight, but later you realize how harmony actually rules it, once you get adjusted to it. You shouldn’t miss the chance to watch its widely popular water puppet show, where the performers use puppets for telling ancient stories while standing in the waist-deep water.

5. Extraordinary Food and Drinks

Vietnam Food Drinks
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When it comes to Vietnamese food, it is really a delicious and unique experience for your mouth. The streets are filled with all kinds of food, and Vietnamese people are at your service if you want to ask any questions or ask for a recommendation. Banh Xeo, pancakes made of rice with pork and prawns, are definitely mouthwatering food. All of the food is fresh; you just enjoy the new flavors and discover new dishes. Regarding drinks, Vietnamese coffee should be on your list, together with sweetened condensed milk. It is really one of a kind! If you want to enjoy a good alcoholic beverage, there are excellent wine tours at your disposal in several regions, where you can taste different wines and have a pleasant conversation with the owners.

6. Historic City Hue

Hue City Vietnam
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This former capital of the famous Nguyen Dynasty is situated along the Perfume River. It is a small town rich with culture and historical buildings, so it is no wonder it obtained the status of the world heritage by UNESCO. Everything you want to know about Vietnamese culture and religion is in this lovely town. It represents the remains of the once-powerful Vietnamese empire, full of emperors’ tombs and pagodas. You can spend an entire day just visiting the Hue citadel, a huge complex consisting of palaces and shrines.

7. Sapa & The Tonkinese Alps

Tonkinese Alps
Photo by Dave Lattanzi via Flickr

The picturesque town of Sapa is hidden in the Tonkinese Alps mountain range, representing what once used to be a French colonial station. The main asset of this part of Vietnam is nature. Green hills, streams clear as the sky, and impressive waterfalls are things that make this area a paradise on Earth. You also have the opportunity to actively enjoy your holiday here, as it is possible to go trekking or cycling or go on a motorbike trip.

Whichever part of Vietnam you choose to visit, whichever ancient town you choose to admire and whichever beach you decide to relax on – you won’t make a mistake. Simply follow your wishes, walk around, be amazed at nature, talk to the people around you and soak in the unique beauty of this country.

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