7 Steps to Correctly Pack your Package for Courier Services

Packing can be a nightmare for many who are planning to travel. We never use most of the things that we pack anyway! It’s worse when you have to pack a box that has to be sent via courier. When the package reaches the destination in a disheveled condition, we blame the parcel service. Gati, FedEx, and DHL are some of the parcel services.

For many, packing something is emotional (they let go of something) while for others it is plain boring and irritating. If you come under the latter category, you end up doing a messy job of it, and the consequence is simple; a damaged package.

Here are a few mistakes we generally do while packing a package.

  • Stuffing it in a small box: The result of this would be a damaged package where the goods fall apart.
  • Using an oversized box: Most packages are stalked in carriage vehicles, airplanes, and ships. When other boxes are placed on your package, they crumble under the strain.
  • Not using a high-quality box: If the box is not strong enough, the parcel might break open before it reaches the destination.
  • Unprotected parcel: Without proper protection or reinforcement like bubble wrap or cushioning, the package is bound to break as packages are generally jostled around quite a bit.
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Apart from these mistakes, we don’t bother to tape the box, place fragile packages in the center, write “this way up,” and don’t label the package.

These common mistakes can lead to important packages being damaged. To avoid such an eventuality, proper care needs to be taken to pack your package. Here are seven tips that keep your package safe!

  1. The first step is to choose a proper box for the package. The box should provide enough gaps and should be able to bear the weight of the package. It’s preferable to use a new box. For packages under 10 kg, it is recommended that the box is double-lined and corrugated. For heavier items, use a triple-lined corrugated box or a wooden carton is preferred.
  2. The next step is to take care of internal packing. Goods like porcelain, glass, and other fragile items should be well cushioned with bubble wrap, poly chips, and a sheeting of polyethylene foam. Others need to be cushioned as per the requirement.
  3. For auto parts, electrical/electronic equipment, sharp instruments and others, the internal packing should be strong, nonstatic, secure, and devoid of batteries.
  4. Bottles containing liquids have to be cushioned individually.
  5. Musical instruments and framed pictures should be wrapped at least twice as they are not made to withstand the shocks of movement.
  6. Boxes should be sealed properly with an adhesive tape.
  7. Avoid the common mistakes of packing mentioned above.

Steps like these ensure that your valuable package reaches its destination safe and sound and you don’t need to blame the parcel service.

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