7 Pedestrian Safety Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents in Colorado

While motorists are tasked with a large part of upholding safety on the road, the same is also required of pedestrians. This is vital for reducing injuries and fatalities on the road and out-of-pocket costs. So, what are some pedestrian safety tips to keep in mind to keep you and others safe?

Stand and Walk in Visible Areas

Drivers should be able to spot you from a safe distance, giving them enough time to respond adequately to avoid hitting you. Wearing bright clothing will come in handy here, especially when you need to step out early in the morning or late at night. Denver car accident attorney experts suggest wearing reflectors as this can also improve visibility if walking near roads during extreme weather conditions such as fog, snow, or rain.

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Remember the Basics

The basics of pedestrian crossing triumph over other safety tips, with the most common being to look left, right, and left again before crossing the road. No matter the time of day or night, make it a point to use these basics. Remember to walk and not run, even when late for urgent events, as the latter increases your chances of tripping and falling in an already hazardous area.

Younger children and ailing persons should also be on the furthest end of the road, reducing the risks associated with jaywalking. Holding hands will be effective when walking with such loved ones, allowing you to take charge and monitor their behavior.

Stick to the Designated Walking Paths

Walking in the designated paths will be essential in keeping you out of harm’s way, with crosswalks and sidewalks being excellent areas to utilize. Sticking to the left side of the road will be another tip to use, as this ensures you are always in view of the oncoming traffic. Additionally, ensure that you obey the traffic signs. Only cross the road when the sign says walk, not during the green light.

Avoid High Traffic Roads

Roads with a high volume of vehicles are considered unsafe for pedestrian use. For example, freeways, highways, and interstate roads. Due to the constant stream of traffic at unregulated speeds, these areas pose severe risks to pedestrians, making them a cause of concern. Instead, use the bridges designated for crossing such roads, keeping you safe from impact collisions. In 2017, Denver recorded a total of 92 deaths, with the state championing pedestrian safety on major highways.

Avoid Distractions

Distractions such as listening to loud music with headphones increase the risk of accidents, often making you oblivious to your surroundings. These have been associated with the 57,725 accident reports in Denver alone in 2022, with the Colorado Department of Transportation advocating for increased awareness among pedestrians. Ensure that you keep your volume level to a minimum to help you hear incoming traffic and other noises that could signal hazardous incidences around you. Additionally, avoid texting while walking and only take calls at safe distances from traffic.

Avoid Walking While Intoxicated

Intoxication in any social situation significantly lowers your capacity to make sound judgments, an essential factor when walking near roads. Make it a point to keep alcohol consumption within enclosed areas such as your home. If you need access to amenities such as stores after indulging in a drinking spree, utilize delivery services to keep you and others safe. You can also utilize taxi rides after a night out with your friends, most notably when you have a significant distance to walk to your house.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Motorists may occasionally get distracted while driving, with numerous taking calls or driving under the influence. Staying alert allows you to spot any erratic behavior from such motorists, making it possible to avert fatalities in time. According to a 2021 report, numerous traffic accidents linked to distracted driving have risen to a shocking 89%, with Denver recording 73 fatalities in the same year.

The above are some reminders of pedestrian safety that will be essential in avoiding road accidents. Ensure you stick to the basics, utilize the designated walking paths and avoid distractions. Additionally, steering clear of high-traffic roads and avoiding walking while intoxicated will be essential for keeping you out of harm’s way, so keep these in mind on your next walk.

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