7 Exciting Things to Do on Your Dhow Cruise Tour

Some things just keep evolving with time and become a sort of heritage. Dubai too has one such item, in the form of dhows. These dhows have been in the past, are in the present, and will remain so in the future. They are the ancient Arabian boats made of sturdy wood used for fishing, pearl diving, trade, and transporting goods and people. Though today’s dhows differ from the traditional ones in shape, size, and material used for the hull, what remains unchanged is the cruising experience. If you want to experience Dubai in a romantic or a different way, take a dhow cruise tour. Not only will you enjoy the beautiful vista, but also rejoice in the city’s phenomenal growth. But before that, know about the exciting things you can do on a dhow cruise tour.

Dhow Cruise
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1. Take lots of photographs

Since the dhow cruise offers a world experience, you would never want to miss it capturing your camera. Before leaving the hotel and hopping into the car to reach the boarding station, check if the battery is 100 percent charged or not. If possible, take an extra SD card in case the storage capacity of the one in the camera gets full. You can also capture beautiful moments with a mobile phone camera provided the camera phone is capable of clicking high-quality pictures. Right from the starting point or the boarding station, there will be countless stunning views that are worth converting into frames and preserving for happy memories. When the dhow tears the water apart and moving ahead, several iconic landmarks will appear on both sides of the Creek. The pictures appearing one after another on the lenses of the camera will become the most beautiful presentation of stagnant images. Even clicking the pictures of other dhows sailing on the majestic water of the Creek adorned with beautiful lighting is one of the best things to do on a dhow cruise.

2. Socialize with your co-passengers

Traveling alone is never fun. The journey becomes entertaining when somebody is there to chat with. If you have an extrovert personality, you will love meeting and chat with co-passengers on board. Just remember not to strike the wrong chords if you want the conversation to end on a happy note. If the co-traveler appears nonchalant, move over and try to get into a conversation with other travelers. Even when with family, you can still try to befriend others, or just be involved in the company of your loved ones.

3. Learn about Dubai’s history from the tour guide

If you are of an inquisitive nature, you will surely love delving into the past of the place you are visiting. All your yearnings to know about Dubai’s past will be met by listening to the tour guide. The tour guide is the representative of the agency with whom you have booked the dhow cruise ticket. This person will be a native of Dubai who possesses loads of knowledge of the culture, tradition, and history of the UAE. Just relax in your seat and listen to him or her. The information provided by the guide will be entertaining and educational.

4. Enjoy Arabic music and belly dancing

All tour agencies strive to make the cruising experience for travelers a memorable one. To do so, they organize several shows on the board. They may arrange a magic show, stand-up comedy, or acrobatics performance for your entertainment. You can also enjoy sensual belly dancing. Looking at the dancers shaking their bodies with an electrifying speed to the tune of Arabic songs is an engrossing experience. Not only the live belly dancing show is mesmerizing, but also an eye-candy.

5. Entertain yourself and others with a song

Dhows have two decks – the lower and the upper. The lower deck is where entertainment activities go on. You can just listen to the music playing in the background and entertain yourself, or sing a song with the karaoke system. Some dhows also arrange a live music performance for travelers. If you are good at singing, you can even request the performer to allow you to dedicate a song to someone you love. In case you want a quiet evening, then the upper deck is the best for you to enjoy the languid pace of the dhow and the sceneries.

6. Enjoy a drink

Many dhows are licensed to serve liquor on board to travelers. But there is a limit for consuming alcoholic drinks on board due to the risk of an accident once drunk. However, a small quantity of alcohol becomes sufficient to experience the joy of cruising. Since the view of the landmarks, music, and belly dancing has already made you tipsy, you will not cross the limit howsoever you are tempted for drinking.

7. Enjoy the sumptuous dinner

Every dhow offers a scrumptious meal to travelers on board. The cruise company blends Arabian and multinational cuisines to the core in order to meet taste and varieties. The food served is of the best quality and includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. There are also complimentary soft drinks and coffee to round off the meal.

Relaxing and rejoicing in the beautiful view of the city while having a sumptuous meal and drink is the best way to end a day. All the fatigue and tiredness of the day will vanish into a thin air when you hop on a dhow cruise in Dubai. You will be rejuvenated and recharged for the next day to go sightseeing and try the various fun activities this magnificent holiday destination has stored for you.

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