6 Tips for Mobile App Marketing And How Can Improve Customer Experience

Do you know that big app shops like Google Play and Apple App Store have over 3 million apps? This shows that the bar for standing out is really high. What are your thoughts on how your mobile app might stand out in this crowded market? As a result, having a strong app marketing plan is critical for entrepreneurs and mobile app developers.

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With a good app marketing plan, here are some creative methods to get the word out and catch user attention.

1. Ensure That Your App Is Ready For The App Store

It’s referred to as App Store Optimization (ASO) in our lingo, and it’s a great marketing tool. Both the Apple App Store and Google Play use algorithms to rank mobile apps in search results based on tags, screenshots, ratings, download statistics, app title, and other characteristics. You may compare it to search engine optimization, although ASO is generally unique to each app. So, before submitting your app to the app stores, make sure it has a good title and that you fill out all of the forms with essential information. Choose your categories carefully, since they play a key role in ensuring that your app is highly visible in the category to which it belongs.

2. Drive User Reviews, Naturally

Positive user reviews are a great way to convince others to download your app. But make sure that you drive reviews in a natural way that won’t call for Apple or Google spam filters. How about offering your users something valuable in return for a good review? Something like an extended subscription or free credits?

3. Add QR Codes

QR codes are in vogue today. It makes any task fast and simple. That’s why it can be harnessed as a powerful marketing tool for your mobile app. To advertise your app, add QR codes to your business card, website, mailings, brochures, or storefront window. It is also a great way to broaden the marketing scope of your app.

4. Do it for Facebook and Twitter

Accept it or not, Facebook and Twitter are literally ruling the world of social networking. However, I am surprised that very few mobile app marketers talk about this. From my experience I can say, one of the best ways to acquire mobile app downloads is through smart use of Facebook and Twitter’s advertising platform. Use a mix of sponsored stories, page promoted posts or promoted tweets. Leverage oCPM for increased conversions.

5. Take Advantage of Mobile Ad Networks’ Potential

To be honest, I’ve heard a lot of different things about these mobile-specific ad networks, and picking the proper one may be tricky (there are hundreds of ad networks today). However, there are several effective ways to promote your app and enhance its visibility across a variety of platforms. Mojiva, AdMob, and iAds are some of the most popular options.

6. Promote through Email Newsletters

Most people nowadays read emails on their Smartphones. So, if you have a strong network of newsletter subscriptions, it becomes easy to promote your mobile app via emails.

These tips can help market your mobile app effectively, and increase downloads in app stores.   

And here we come to the question: 

How Can A Business Communication App Improve Customer Experience?

Customers are the focal point for every business. If their interactions with your business are satisfying it ensures loyalty and engagement. This is why more and more companies are working towards improving their customer experience by incorporating a business communication app into their processes. These apps have a host of innovative features that ultimately improve customer experience:

Better Response Time

Consider a situation, where a customer has dropped a mail regarding a problem he has just faced with your product or service. He is looking for a quick solution. What would you normally do as a customer support executive? You’d have to send several emails to the concerned departments and eventually wait for their responses? If instead, you had access to an app that enables faster communication, you could easily cut the turnaround time.

Instant Messaging

It is the one feature that can significantly reduce the complexity of internal communication. While emails are great, they are not as quick as instant messaging. It helps the customer-facing executives contact their teammates instantly, get the appropriate response and relay it to the customer in almost no time.

Group Messaging

Most modern-day apps provide this feature since it’s an evident need. When a customer-facing executive is rendering support to a client, he may have to read multiple emails from many departments and then interpret them to prepare an appropriate response. Group messaging does away with the time-consuming task of exchanging emails. A group chat allows an executive to interact with several team-mates within an organization who are spread across the globe, simultaneously. It significantly reduces the turnaround time and leads to more efficient client servicing.

Live & More Personal Service

Sometimes a client might prefer talking to a customer executive as opposed to a mail. A video call is apt for such situations. It connects the consumer to the executive in real-time and saves the costs of personnel visits. In case of complex problems, more than one person may have to be on the live call. These apps are still relevant in such contexts  through:

Video Conferencing

This feature is one of the main reasons behind the large-scale adoption of such apps. Some apps allow group video calls in which you can interact with eight people simultaneously. As it does away with the need to travel to a large extent, you save on the cost of commute as well. Before the availability of such unified communication apps, video conferencing wasn’t easily accessible to everyone. However, the situation has changed significantly with the onset of such technologies.

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