6 Secret Health Benefits of Coffee

Whether it’s simple instant or refined percolated, an espresso, or a cafe latte, there is no doubt that many people enjoy a cup of coffee as part of their routine.

From their humble Ethiopian origins, coffee beans have become a commodity that has thrived around the world.

While we are told of the high caffeine rush that can have some of us energized, and perhaps bouncing off the walls with one too many, there are some benefits to your common cup. 

So sit back with your cup and perhaps your favorite cookie, as I give you the good news on your common cup of Joe.

Morale Booster

While this may seem obvious, one of the main benefits for regular coffee drinkers is that of an increase in energy.

Coffee machines in Malaysia offices can have the potential to increase focus whilst also producing an increase in morale and a happy working environment.

Through this humble bean, you can have the benefit of a more productive workplace and happier workspace, with coffee to suit everyone’s taste. 

Small amounts add up

It may be hard to believe but common black coffee, even decaffeinated, contains plant-based compounds that are beneficial to your system.

One cup can include small amounts of the vitamins riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), and soluble fiber. 

It may not seem like much, but think about how many cups you may intake a week and it can be an enjoyable way to get some nutrients. Just make sure you get these regularly through other forms in your diet as well. 

Can help your metabolism and hydration levels

When consumed as a liquid, the odd one or two cups of coffee can help in your daily water intake. Be mindful that it is a diuretic, promoting urination, so it is a balancing act.  

It can also promote your metabolism to kick into gear and help you to burn fat faster. “It can break down fatty acids, using the energy for fuel.”

Therefore, it can be the ideal motivation for your body when you’re about to hit the gym. 

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Helps your heart more than you think.

While there is an argument of caution with high blood pressure, and particularly against those with heart arrhythmia, the humble cup of coffee can also be a guard for your heart and help against stroke.

Studies show that drinking coffee regularly can reduce your stroke risk, particularly in women.

So don’t feel so bad about enjoying the potential one or two cups you may have. 

A fighter against varieties of “the big C.”

While it was once believed to be a cause and shunned, coffee has now been redeemed and celebrated in lowering the risk of certain cancers

Studies showed that people who drank two cups a day saw a 43% lower risk of liver cancer.

It can also fight those associated with the kidneys, throat, and bladder. 

Coffee and Gene Repair:

For those out there with Alzheimer’s and Type 2 Diabetes, I have some good news. Your morning cup may be doing more good than once thought.

According to Forbes, “research found that coffee consumption may even “repair” broken DNA strands…which in turn may affect the expression of genes related to [sic] Alzheimer’s to Type 2 Diabetes…”

Therefore, that common cup of black coffee may be good for your memory and your blood sugar.


Hence, next time you look at your humble brew, savour it and remind yourself that, in moderation, it can have even more reasons to make you smile.

All the best dear readers and may the coffee bean give you your needed buzz. 

*Please be advised that the benefits and links included in this article are of a general nature and certain studies are preliminary. Please see your General Practitioner for any individual recommendations.

Writer: Alana King


As Coffee contains caffeine, it also has many disadvantages on health, the following point should consider if you are coffee addictive or drink it regularly.

  • Bad quality coffee can be toxic.
  • Coffee can destroy your health faster if you consume it in high quantity regularly.
  • Coffee can cause insomnia and restlessness.
  • More than one cup of coffee not good for pregnant.
  • Coffee, even riskier if the person has high cholesterol.
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