6 Go Frameworks For iOS App Development

Golang, or the Go programming language, was initially created for the web by Google. Still, because of how popular and well-liked its frameworks are, they have made their way into mobile app development. Yes, the Go language offers some great frameworks for both iOS and Android development. No wonder many Android and iPhone app developers use Go for their native projects.

Since this post is only about iOS development with Go frameworks, we will show how this language and its popular frameworks fit with the iOS requirements that iPhone app developers pay attention to.

Before we discuss Go frameworks, let’s explain what’s so exceptional about this language. 

What’s exceptional about the Go language? 

The best thing about the Go language is that it can be used to make fast native code. This is something that has made Go a preferred language for many app projects across platforms and niches. 

Because Go uses native development modules so much, it’s easy for web developers and mobile app developers to learn and use this language for their different projects. Lastly, Go is a language that ensures optimum scalability and domain-specific customization as needed by the app project. 

Are you still not convinced about the potential of the Go language? Below, we list the main benefits of this programming language and the frameworks that web, Android, and iPhone app developers will find useful. 

  • It took C’s punctuation and code structure and then made the code more implement-ready for a wide variety of platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX and many others. 
  • With zero burdens of legacy types and classes, Go language adheres to a simplistic structure. This ultimately lowers the learning curve and makes it easy to implement. 
  • Go language is extremely efficient in utilising memory because of its character as an assembly language resulting in distributed memory. 
  • It is also a static information language resulting in the least security vulnerability for the entire structure. 
  • Coming with a rich set of libraries and ready-to-use components, Go language improves seamlessness for the developers. 
  • Go language also offers a rich set of documentation tools for the developers to create footprints for others to follow. 
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Leading Go frameworks for iOS app development 

Now that you are convinced about the incredible value propositions of the Go language for app development, let us concentrate further on its extremely legible and rich frameworks that iPhone app developers use in their projects. Here we begin.


Goji, because of its lightweight and low-footprint character, ensures fast-paced development. iPhone app developers with a good background in using microframework-based web developers will find this extremely helpful. Here are some key things to know about Goji. 

  • It allows quick and smooth shutdown. 
  • It comes with an easy-to-configure middleware stack. 
  • It is lightweight, simple and comes with a low code footprint ensuring easy maintenance. 

Gin Gonic

Gin Gonic is the Go framework that offers extensive libraries to adjust to specific app and web development needs. Any developer setting their foot on the Go language will find this framework extremely useful, to begin with. Here are some key highlights of the framework. 

  • Easy to understand features.
  • Extensive libraries.
  • Lower learning curve. 
  • Great for quick execution. 


It is the bingo framework if you want a Go framework that helps you with rapid development. It is one of the best Go frameworks for building mobile apps and websites. It is similar to Django in a number of ways. Here are the key highlights of the framework. 

  • It follows the trusted and tested Model-View-Controller (MVC) protocol. 
  • The Bee Tool of this framework makes detecting code changes extremely easy. 
  • It is modular and comes with eight different modules. 
  • It is feature rich and extensive. 


This Go framework follows a minimalist approach to development and comes with a lot of built-in middleware. Here are some of the key highlights of this framework. 

  • It is highly scalable and equipped with performance-savvy features. 
  • It comes with a rich set of ready-to-use middleware. 
  • It supports templating the interface by using different template engines. 


The kit is another robust microservices-based Go framework that web, Android, and iPhone app developers can use for building feature-rich, robust, scalable, and easy-to-maintain apps. This framework utilizes the full scope of a robust general-purpose programming language. Some of the key high points of the framework are listed below. 

  • High-performance framework for building an app with a microservice architecture. 
  • It offers Remote Procedure Call (RPC) security and easy system observation. 
  • Offering a variety of correlated packages makes customisation easier. 
  • It is created to ensure interoperability with a variety of technologies. 

Go craft

Many developers think of this Go framework as conservative, but it is also known for being strong and able to make scalable apps with faster integration and routing. Some of the key highlights of the Gocraft framework are here. 

  • Go craft offers a robust middleware package customised for easily typing your code. 
  • There is built-in middleware for extending the feature set and functionalities. 
  • It is mainly known for legible performance and faster loading speed. 
  • When you want to emphasise the backend side of the development to prioritise performance, Gocraft comes as a good choice.

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Takeaway Points

Golang, or Go frameworks, are still a strong and good choice for app projects. Ensuring a high level of scalability, security, and ease of use, Go as a language and many of its frameworks have already taken center stage in web and app development. When it comes to making iPhone and iOS apps, these frameworks offer some high-performance alternatives to traditional native technologies and bring some strong web-based protocols and practices to the mobile app development arena.

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