6 Benefits of Weightlifting

Whenever body fitness is on the discussion table, aerobics and cardio machines are the focus. Rarely will weightlifting come up in a healthy discussion. Most people relate it to building muscles and nothing more. While the building of body muscles is entirely dependent on weights, it is not the only function. In fact, a misconception bars women from lifting weights. There are no health risks to weightlifting and it should not be any cause of alarm or restriction.

Lifting weight has significant health benefits and body enhancement effects.  You should find suitable weights basing on your body capability and weight goals. Just like diet is the natural way of boosting immunity and increasing body energy, lifting weight helps in burning excess fat and increase the flexibility of your body.

Here are the top benefits of weightlifting,

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Fat loss

Of course, the first and popular reason for weightlifting is the shedding of fat in muscles. Burning more calories is a result of increased metabolism. If you train rigorously and consistently two times a week, you are bound to gain at least 2 pounds. With every muscle gained, the body loses at least 3 pounds of fat. The burning of calories also goes hand in hand with muscle building or loss. Whenever you increase muscle pounds, the body loses fat.

Of course, the effects of excess in the body are detrimental. Fat causes blockage of blood vessels, which are integral in the transportation of oxygen, minerals, and other components necessary for the healthy growth and development of muscles and joints.


Some people shy away from strength training because of the link to increased body mass. Typically, women shy off from lifting weights because of the likelihood of bulging. Bulking happens in a low percentage of men. Women do not have testosterone levels like men. The hormone not only activates brain cells but also helps in struggling to build muscles. In fact, the testosterone level in women is negligible; it is estimated to be at least 20 times less than in men. For women, muscles are not defined. In some people, lifting weight influences shape. Nevertheless, the primary goal of lifting weight is gaining strength without compromising on body shape and the type of muscles you intend to gain.

Reduces injury risks

Besides the muscle effect, lifting weight increases the connectivity of tissues and joints all around the body. Damaged ligaments and tendons largely depend on lifting weight to strengthen and increase the efficiency of the movable parts. Weak joints are a result of poor daily activities that compromise their connectivity.

A knee or ankle is likely to dislocate, which is often painful. It is important to check on the health of your tendons and ligaments on a daily regular basis to enjoy they are functioning properly.  Weightlifting strains the muscles. Sweating is healthy because the pores of the skin open and the movable parts of the joints are lubricated.

If you are an athlete or simply interested in more outdoor personalities, weightlifting has great benefits for your lifestyle. The flexibility of a muscle is dependent on the frequency of body exercise. Athletes should not only exercise on a daily basis practice by running and engaging in body straightening activities but also include weights in the gym for flexibility.

Calorie Burn

Typically, metabolism levels are high. While the effect is only evident after 24 hours of calmness, the burning calorie starts immediately. Accumulation of calories in the body has a direct and indirect effect on your health. You should take every chance to burn your calories. Most of the health complications related to the heart and the blood vessels are a result of the accumulation of calories.

Therefore, determining your total daily energy expenditure will give you a close indication of how many calories you burn during the whole day. TDEE calculator performs the calculations according to your BMR and tdee activity level. TDEE will assist you to understand how many calories your body burns at rest and even takes into account the calories that you burn at exercising or work. Computing tdee with an online accurate calculator is important as it can help you to set up a cutting or proper bulking diet. It doesn’t matter whether you want to gain muscle, lose weight, or maintain your current body shape, this free online tdee calculator recommends the exact calories and macronutrients also provides a tdee table according to your exercise and activity level.

Excess calories should be converted to energy just like sugars. The level of calories in the body determines energy levels and moods. Yes, you can be hyperactive or on the other extreme of moods because of excess calories in the body.

Weightlifting is directly related to calorie burn. While running, going to the gym and other physical activities can help with calorie burn, lifting weight is the most effective solution.

Reduces back pain

If you experience regular backaches (back pain) and fatigue for no good reason, the answer is in weightlifting. Weights help in straightening all kinds of muscles around the body. The back, which is a sensitive area because of its direct connection with the spinal cord, should be handled with care. Any pains could be an indication of an underlying health complication.

Besides, lifting weight improves body posture. A strong back influences all other body parts. Lifting weights can help in strengthening the shoulders and any other sensitive part of the body. When these parts are functioning normally, your body posture straightens. You will be able to walk upright with your head high. The back is a central control system in the body.

Alleviates stress

Weightlifting activates the release of endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that help in fighting depression and boosting moods. The neurotransmitter also stimulates the mind to increase concentration levels. The hormones help in reducing anxiety levels and boosting energy.

Lifting weight can determine your activity level throughout the day.

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