5 World’s Largest Satellite Phone Network Operators

Satellite telephone or Satphone or satellite phone is mobile phone that connects satellites which orbiting on earths zero gravity surface. The Satellite mobile phones used for voice and internet access, as the cost of launching and technology used in the satellite is expensive which cost high fare to communicate, the satellite phones normally used for remote communication where common mobile network unavailable. There just some millions of subscribers in the world who communicating in satellite phones the remote places such as deep forest, Ocean, inaccessible places, inhabited and low temperature places. The Iridium is the largest Satellite communication company in the world and has coverage on whole earth with 66 active satellites and Globalstar is in the second position on subscriber with 44 active satellites.

Source: http://www.spacenews.com
Source: http://www.spacenews.com
Rank Operator Technology Subscribers (in millions)
1 Iridium Proprietary TDMA 0.500 (September 2011)
2 Globalstar Proprietary CDMA 0.439 (January 2011)
3 Thuraya Proprietary FDMA/GSM 0.260 (December 2007)
4 Inmarsat Proprietary GSM 0.254 (September 2009)
5 ACeS Dual-mode Satellite/GSM 0.020 (December 2007)
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