5 Tips for Marathon Fishing Charter with Your Family

Marathon is also known as the heart of the Florida Keys. With its beautiful coral reefs, it also has numerous oceanside artificial reefs. The early settlers here were farmers, wreckers, and fishermen. Marathon claims to maintain its status quo by offering some of the best fishing in the world, even today.

The anglers come here for action-filled tarpon fishing. The west end of the Seven Mile Bridge and Bahia Honda Bridge offer the best tarpon fishing action. You can also catch some of the best fish, like amberjack, tuna, dolphin, wahoo, snapper, grouper, mackerel, and shark, here.

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If you’re thinking of an adventure-packed marathon fishing trip with your family, you should go through the following steps in the planning stage:

Research the Ideal Season

You will always catch a fish in the Marathon. Though there are increased chances of catching a particular fish during a particular season on which its availability depends,

For example, from May to August, calmer seas would allow you to head further and target blackfin, mahi, sailfish, and wahoo. So, if you are looking for a particular fish, you can plan your trip in the ideal fishing season for that. Seek out a touring guide from renowned websites like https://www.captainrichsmith.com/captain-rich-smith/ as they can help you with the necessary insights.

Check the Available Dates

Before planning a trip, consider your stay options. You can plan your accommodations at some of the best resorts and hotels in Marathon. Since you’re traveling with your family, you’d better check the available dates and the available rooms at your convenience. It’s always better to go to a resort that is close to the beach.

Select the Best Fishing Guide

After researching the ideal season and planning the stay location, it’s time to select the fishing guide. Research the best fishing guides and the best packages and deals they are offering before booking them. 

Also, compare the anglers’ experiences with the fishing guide for this purpose. You can contrast it with the anglers’ ratings and make your decision accordingly.

Select the best fishing guide as per your budget and convenience, and book the slots beforehand. You can also tell your fishing guide about the additional services you will need. 

Select the Fishing Style

There are numerous varieties of fish you can hunt down while fishing in the Marathon. However, choose the fishing style accordingly for the comfort of your family. 

For example, if you have children with you on your fishing trip, fishing in rough waters is not advisable. For this purpose, you can inquire with your fishing guide about the perfect fishing style at your convenience. No matter what fishing style you choose, you’ll always have fun.

Pack the Essentials

Make sure you carry the essentials required for your fishing trip. Carrying sunscreen is always advisable while going on a fishing trip. You and your family can also pack your boat shoes if you like. Pack light colors for you and your family that reflect the heat while going on a fishing trip. 

You can also pack along some snacks and beverages for the trip as the trip is sure going to be exhausting. Also, don’t forget to pack the necessary medications and stuff you’ll need on your trip.

Above all, thorough research is significant before planning a fishing trip with your family. And you need to make sure that you’ve hired an excellent professional as the fishing guide on your trip.

The adventures you will have on this exciting trip would not be possible without the help of a fishing guide. Your fishing guide will guide you about the perfect fishing technique and help you score a school of fish. Choose your guide after asking the right questions and make the most of your excursion in the water.

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