5 Spanish Theme Parks To Make You Scream

If there’s one thing the Spanish know about, it’s how to have fun. Spain is at the technological forefront of thrilling theme park rides and boasts a wide variety of thematic experiences. Pick your destinations wisely in this warm and vibrant country, and your vacation will be one big fiesta for all the family. Check out our guide for the top five that the nation has to offer:

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1. Port Aventura World

Port Aventura, is located in Salou, a beach-side town on Spain’s northeastern Costa Daurada.  One of the country’s original theme parks, it remains extremely popular. The themes are based on six geographical areas of the world, including the Mediterranean, Polynesia, Mexico, the Wild West, and China. There is also the Caribe Aquatic Park for cooling off in, and the Italian-themed Ferrari Land to enjoy. As our friendly adventure journalist, Erin Addlestone from Draft Beyond and Research papers UK  reports, “Port Aventura is home to the fastest and tallest roller coaster in Europe, the Dragon Khan which spins you in eight crazy loops, but there are child-friendly options too such as old-fashioned carousels and tea-cups.”

2. Terra Mítica 

Terra Mítica is a theme park situated on the famous tourist-town of Benidorm’s stunning Costa Blanca. Like Port Aventura, the park is split into different areas but takes you on a more historically themed adventure through the old Greek, Roman, and Egyptian cultures. This trip back in time is not at the expense of luxury and modernity however, as along with the rides and replicas of colossal monuments such as the ancient Pyramids, there is also an indulgently relaxing spa to retreat to at the end of the day at the resort’s lavish Grand Luxor hotel. 

3. Warner Bros. Movie World

One of Spain’s most famous parks is “The Warner” in its capital city of Madrid. This extensive park was created in homage to the cinematic creations of the Warner Brothers. Here you can experience the Hollywood Boulevard, DC Super Heroes World, Movie World Studios, Old West Territory, and Cartoon Village where you’ll bump into all of their best-loved characters. During the summer, the park also opens its an aquatic area, but its high-adrenaline roller coasters are open year-round to take you on well-known rides such as The Superman and The Batman. Travel writer Harry Tiernan at Writinitym and Last minute writing found The Batman ride “particularly exhilarating, as you will be provided with special glasses to make it a virtual reality!”

4. Isla Mágica

Isla Mágica is, as the name suggests, a rather magical location situated in the heart of Seville. Again, this theme park is split into enticing regions such as the mystical El Dorado, the Pirate’s Den, Amazonia, and also a summertime water park called Agua Mágica which is home to the “Island of Slides”. While there are some serious rides to be taken on at this park, with the inverted El Jaguar roller coaster being one of the main attractions, there are also gentler options available for younger children and the Cinemoción cinema for those who prefer to stay grounded. This isn’t any ordinary cinema however, it is the world’s largest virtual-reality screen.

5. Aventura Amazonia

For those of you who prefer to get stuck in rather than ride as passengers, Spain’s multi-location chain of Aventura Amazonia parks makes the most of the country’s natural beauty for their theme. With parks in Madrid, Málaga, Granada, and Huesca, the creators of Aventura Amazonia have developed a wild, interactive experience that includes zip-lining and tree-climbing for all abilities and ages. Here, you can go at your own pace and absorb the beauty of your natural surroundings, but there’s no shortage of adrenaline kicks if you’re up for a physical challenge! 

From Disney to El Dorado, the Pyramids to a Pirate’s den… Spain really does have it all. Take your pick from a wide variety of options all over the country, and prepare to have your breath blown away!

Article by Claire Sanford. Claire adores writing and also works in business strategies at Lucky assignments Bristol and Gum Essays where she advises on a range of financial, marketing, and development topics.

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