5 Secrets of Tech Talent Management

It’s worthwhile to invest efforts, resources, and time in your tech talent for them to perform their work efficiently but the process does not end there. As an employer, you should also consider their career growth. Most employees definitely would want to learn more. Sooner or later, they will want to be in charge of presentations, join conferences, get promoted, explain complex processes to new hires, perform troubleshooting, and more.

Employers who don’t accept this reality risk losing their tech talent. This could impact the present and future of the company. In such a case. Your best employees might start looking for opportunities elsewhere.

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1. Give them room to grow

One important reason why new tech hires choose to work in a certain company is the opportunity for career development. This is one of the startup best practices that you as an employer should take advantage of. You can manage and retain your best employees by giving them room to grow. Try to find out what your tech talents want to accomplish or learn in the company. Assign them with hands-on tasks, offer them access to various learning platforms, and give them feedback to boost their performance.

Tech employees these days already belong to a decent-pay bracket. The younger generation focuses more on working for a company with a purpose and a meaningful effect on society. You can take advantage of this again by letting these employees work with services or products in line with their core values.

2. Allow employees to share and learn

Treat your employees equally by giving everyone – from the employee with the highest position to the employee with the lowest position – the chance to sharpen their skills so they can become well-rounded employees. Aside from the usual on-the-job training within their departments, you can also offer training classes, peer-to-peer learning, and mentorship programs.

Although you can trust your experienced professionals to share their knowledge and experiences, you should also accept that anyone in your company might have something special to share with others. You can allow your employees to share what they’re good at so that they can learn from each other. This “learning culture” is essential to your company’s growth as it rewards your employees for taking ownership of their own learning. 

3. Provide various training opportunities

A very tangible way to show your employees that they’re important to you is by upskilling your talent pool. The benefits of this go far beyond the doors of your company. No matter where your employees are, they will carry your brand, whether or not you ask them to. They will spread the word about your generosity and this will make you a company that people would want to work in.

Today, companies that try to establish themselves above the struggle of transparency by managing their best tech talents well will always have an undeniable advantage over the competition.

4. Evaluate them consistently

Although this practice is already common to most companies, it’s an excellent way to identify and reward excellent performance. Set consistent and clear criteria for behaviors and skills necessary to move up the corporate ladder. You should have performance reviews regularly and comprehensively using tools for assessing professional performance.

5. Nurture the millennial culture

Who would have thought that the younger generation today would have a core sense of self-worth? They also have a tendency to see themselves as “consumers of employers,” which means that they can choose which job to take. Based on research, millennials are also in constant search of employers who offer more stability. 

When it comes to their careers, they want to grow if they will choose to stay in the same place. This means that if a tech employee is in a job that offers no opportunity to grow, they will look for one that does. Millennials want to land in a place they want to be. As an employer, you must accept and nurture this culture to manage your tech talent better.


Every day, tech talent has become very rare. This means that such employees will expect fair compensation, benefits, and opportunities. To manage these employees and keep them in your company, offer competitive packages and opportunities to them. As long as you keep these tips for managing your tech talent in mind, you can expect them to stay in your company for the years to come.


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