5 Real Reasons To Skip Cocktail

You Want to Join The Fortune 500 Club

The price of everything seems to have gone up. Twenty years ago, candy from the vending machine was only 50 cents. Now, everything is three times the cost. The same is totally true for alcoholic drinks. The cost of a top-shelf tequila can cost you $16 per drink. That is really expensive when your weekly beverage costs up to nearly $5,000 for the year. If this costly indulgence doesn’t keep you away, then perhaps the cost of alcohol rehabilitation will make you skip a few happy hours.

Perfect Beach Bod Year Round

Everyone talks about getting fit for the summer, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. Alcohol makes maintaining a healthy weight harder when extras like sugary mixers are added. And it’s no secret that food and alcohol go hand in hand, as studies confirm that alcohol consumption does increase appetite. Stomach acids can go into overdrive after a few drinks, increasing the need to feed. Alcohol is also known to lower the rate of metabolism. Lower metabolism and hunger pains are a recipe for disaster if you are trying to lose weight. In fact, alcohol rehabilitation centers have personalized fitness instructors to help to recover alcoholics shed that what people call “beer belly” fat. Cutting out sugary alcoholic drinks will save your wallet and waistline in the future.

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Flawless Photoshop Skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and many secrets can be exposed based on the condition of the skin, in many cases. Forms of rosacea or reddening of the skin are one immediate result of high alcohol consumption, but a person can also develop this after a few drinks. However, skin discoloration can become semi-permanent after many years of alcohol abuse. Alcohol is a known diuretic, and the loss of water affects the skin, making it excessively dry and scaly. Extremely dry skin can lead to premature wrinkles. Expensive anti-aging moisturizers can be avoided when alcohol consumption is decreased.

Keep The Bugs At Bay

The chemicals in alcohol have a way of blocking certain functions in the body. Alcohol in the bloodstream interrupts the proper firing of cells that monitor invaders. “Bad bacteria” gets out of hand, leading to a weakened immune system, making the body more susceptible to colds, flu, and other illnesses. There are also other potential health issues that can arise from drinking too much. Cancer of the mouth, liver and other organs is often cited from recovering patients in alcohol rehabilitation. Always consult your local physician on the appropriate levels of alcohol use, to keep your health and alcohol consumption in check.

You Need Your Job

Alcohol slows down work production. Employers complain of millions of dollars lost due to underperforming employees each year. Many employees admit to taking a day off from the office to nurse a hangover. A high percentage of employees may choose to work the next day with a hangover or intoxication. Alcohol dependence is no grounds to terminate an employee. The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act protect workers if they are actively in an alcohol rehabilitation treatment program. But missed days and low production levels are definitely a reason for a boss to fire you.

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