4 Pre-Trip Budget Travel Tips Every Traveler Needs To Know

The most popular method of saving a dollar is penny-pinching on the go. But how can you use as little money as possible to travel without taking the joy, excitement, and spontaneity out of your travels? Well, an excellent budget travel guide will make you a smarter traveler and save your bank. Here are some of the tips we have picked along the way:

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1. Saving On Flights

Start by looking for ways to get cheaper flights. Here’s a caveat: your budget airlines will not always be the cheapest flight option. So instead, use the convenience of technology to find the most affordable flight for your budget travel. 

For instance, the Skyscanner website will search the airlines and provide you with budget carriers to your destination. The app Hopper will also help you determine the best time to travel by identifying whether your destination is in a peak or non-peak season. 

Or, include your target rates and let the app match the flights for you. One other budget travel hack you can adopt is to sign up for your favorite airline newsletter. This will help you keep track of any promotions. 

Also, you’ve heard of people earning miles and using them for flights in place of cash. Use your credit or debit card to earn miles and redeem them when you need to take that long vacation flight on a budget. 

2. Saving On Transportation 

Find overnight transportation to your budget travel destinations. This will save you time and money, and you can wake up to amazing sights on your journey. If your region has no overnight trains with a space where you can sleep, start maximizing your travel passes. 

They might be expensive to acquire, but these passes are excellent for funding your budget travel, especially if you want to hitchhike through multiple sites within a short time. You can also use app technology to provide you with cheaper travel options to your destination. 

Many countries today also have bike-sharing options to explore the city at low prices. For instance, if you are traveling to London, Zurich, or Sydney, install the oBike app and lose some vacation weight as you sightsee. 

3. Saving On Food And Accommodation

You’ve heard of Airbnb as a popular option in the replacement of hotels. But have you heard of bed and breakfast (BnB)? Airbnb is excellent if you are on a one-location vacation. But often, you have to source your food or hire a chef. 

Instead, you can find budget US travel destinations by opting for a BnB since the food comes with the accommodation. Apps like BnBHero and HomeAway will help you find cost-effective BnBs. 

But suppose you want to budget travel around Europe. In that case, you can look for free stays in hotels through reservation sites like hotels.com. Or, use travel websites like Expedia with rebate websites like Swagbucks to get cash backs on your purchases. 

If you feel a bit adventurous, you can opt for local hotels within your travel destination even though they are smaller since they are more affordable. You can also eat like a local to save money or carry some snacks on your budget travel and limit your time eating in hotels. 

4. Saving On Activities

You might love the game, but winning online games not the only way you can save some cash when traveling. Instead, plan for your activities ahead of time through travel platforms and get exclusive deals. 

For instance, you will get websites that allow you to purchase everything you need in one sitting. Another option is to get tourist passes since they come with great deals. For instance, getting the all-in tourist pass can provide entry into the main attractions in a city and double as a transportation pass. This card can even get you to the express lane, thus saving you some travel time. 


The use of a simple spreadsheet can help you keep track of your expenses when you budget travel. But planning with these tips will save you much more, even when you are spontaneous with your activities. 

The key is to remain flexible, especially when you find those budget travel last-minute deals. You never know: you might find yourself with some extra cash after getting bumped off your flight. Have you been bumped before? Let us know how it affected your travels in the comments below.

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