5 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe about the Best Nursing Scrubs

Nurses and physicians assistants offer vital support in delivering quality patient care. These medical professionals and their dressings are sometimes misunderstood. Here we have presented some facts about the best nursing scrubs that will dispel the common myths about nurse uniforms. 

Myth 1- They Are All White

Several decades ago, you would see all hospital staff, including physicians, nurses, and other staff wearing white uniforms. However, that’s a thing of the past, and the healthcare industry’s dressing code has evolved for the better. White uniforms caused eye strain and visual fatigue. 

Also, removing stains is a big problem. Hence, the healthcare industry embraced other colors like green, blue, pink, and different colors for their hospital staff. Today, you can find nursing scrubs in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles. 

Myth 2- They Are Not Comfortable

The fact is that the best nursing scrubs are comfortable for extensive shifts. They are designed for long hours of working. They are also more durable than other forms of clothing, as they have to go through so much daily. The medical scrubs do not obstruct the movement of nurses while delivering patient care.

Myth 3- They Are Breeding Grounds for Germs

Nursing scrubs go through deep cleaning after every shift. Usually, specialized chemicals and high temperatures are used to clean the scrubs. The washing methods used to clean nursing scrubs are harsher than standard cleaning methods used for regular clothing. 

The cleaning process ensures the nursing scrubs are not health hazards for the nurses or the patients in any way. The cloth used to make medical scrubs is resistant enough to withstand thorough washing to eliminate bacteria and contaminants. Some manufacturers also produce scrubs that can fight bacteria and other forms of infections.

Myth 4 – They Lack Professionalism 

In a hospital, things can become confusing and messy during peak periods. Nursing scrubs are a foolproof way to identify healthcare professionals and request assistance. In some hospitals, physicians and nurses wear different colored scrubs. It allows doctors to determine the healthcare staff at a glance. Scrubs also offer a professional appearance. Besides acting as a tool for identification, they can also instill confidence in patients and respect from co-workers. 

Myth 5- They Do Not Have Any Form or Function

The nursing scrubs are more than protective clothing. They also serve a function. These medical scrubs have lots of pockets to store your stuff. Some scrub sets may have ten or more pockets. These pockets are useful to keep tools and equipment like pens, gloves, scissors, smartphones, penlights, or any device and equipment needed for their job.

This ensures they don’t have to scurry back to take things they need. The presence of adequate pockets also ensures they don’t have to stuff medical tools in one bursting pocket. No doubt, the scrub pockets offer luxury and convenience to carry essential tools needed by nurses. Medical scrubs are protective clothing that keeps cross-contamination to a minimum. The information given in this post dispels common myths surrounding this useful medical uniform that keeps medical environments sterile.

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