5 Major Mobile App Security Threats and Solutions

When we download mobile applications, what happens next?  

All the story lies in your hands when you tap on the mobile and download a particular app. Mobile apps are fun to browse and too convenient to download whenever something strikes in our mind.  

Have you ever thought of the considerations you need your mind to stay when it is about the matter of security and privacy? 

Undoubtedly, you might get some good download sites and pin the app to your home. Things can turn a bit messy as you are never certain where you will jump after downloading the app. Even if you open the right one, there are chances that you get malicious or deceptive links. 

Let us discuss the prominent mobile application security threats: 

Server-Side vulnerabilities: 

A server is a primary way for communication, and it can store and process the data, which enables the application to run all kinds of data. So, being its superiority, it becomes more open to attacks, which also succeeds when there is the presence of vulnerabilities in the server’s configuration or controls. 

 What we can do is set up an input validation system to avoid the risk of the data. 

Insecure data storage: 

Few features, such as the request for the permissions to access the photo library, must be handled with care as some malicious can be installed in this process unknowingly. 

Data needs to be protected and encrypted effectively. Encryption of the data that is too sensitive used in the application is the most efficient method to take hold of the confidentiality. The platforms such as iOS and Android provide secured storage repositories that can form the encryption data for the best protection and confidentiality. 

Data Exchange Security: 

During the communication with a server, an app sends or receives data such as login credentials, user session data, bank, or your personal one. But these can be intercepted in a middle way due to the lack of built-in security features. 

The usage of the TLS security protocol and SSL can make your app flaws-free. Even adding an extra layer of security can work by using certificate pinning methods. 

Third-party security components: 

 Almost every mobile app uses third-party components such as libraries, frameworks, third-party APIs, etc. These carry significant risks with it, such as injections, XSS, and misconfiguration. These will create logical flaws and impact the authentication security of mobile applications. 

 Brute Force: 

Attackers can quickly check out where there is any user existing in the system; this way, they can draw a large number of possible values. An attacker can easily draw out the number of users through a specific list and with the query of the user ID. 

 In this case, the application needs to take care as they should not be revealing the valid/invalid username during the time of registration, login, and forgot password. 

What security tips do you need to mind before you associate any risk with the downloading? 

  • Make sure you use a password manager
  • Must use VPN over public WiFi 
  • Being careful while granting the unwanted app permissions 
  • Good knowledge about the app background 
  • Keeping software up-to-date 
  • Downloading apps from the official stores only

It shouldn’t be just taken care of on the users’ side about the mobile device vulnerabilities but also on the development side. Mobile app developers also need to take care of the things when they program in the code. This can be done by learning various aspects, and a company can hire the most renowned mobile app developers or the ones who have full knowledge of it. 

 Be particular about the significant security concerns and its mobile application vulnerabilities and get it to download from secure ways. Make sure you allow only the necessary permissions; if you can’t proceed without it, then it is better to avoid it. Moving on with such malicious attacks can hamper your mobile security and personal information.

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Prashant Kumar is a senior Lead Project Coordinator who loves to share his views on diverse topics. He is currently associated with Seasia Infotech, a software development company. He holds great knowledge and experience in technical and creative writing.

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