5 Largest Oceans in the World

The Oceans is the interlinked system of the Earth’s Oceanic Water. Water Covers about 71% of the Earth’s Surface and has a Storage Capacity of 1.332 Billion Cubic Kilometers. The Oceans Divided into various oceanographic features, the divisions are Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Southern Ocean. There are many divisions in the Ocean such as Gulf, Sea, and Bay, Among the Oceans Pacific Ocean is the Largest by surface area, and it covers about 165 million square kilometers, 46% of the Earth’s water surface. The 5 Largest Oceans on the Earth is mentioned based on the Water Surface area of the World.

1. Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is the largest division of the Oceanic World (Subdivides into the North and South Pacific Ocean), the Pacific embraced over one-third of the Earth’s Surface, covered about 165 million square kilometers, the volume of the Pacific Ocean is around 622 million cubic kilometers, The deepest point on Earth the Mariana Trench is on Pacific and the Average Depth is 4,028 to 4,188 meters.

Pacific Ocean

2. Atlantic Ocean

This is the Second largest Ocean covered area of 106 million square kilometers and it embraced 20% of the Earth’s Surface and 26% of earth’s water surface. Commonly Atlantic Ocean subdivided into the North and South Atlantic Ocean. The total Water Volume of the Ocean is around 354 million Cubic Kilometers and the Average depth of the Atlantic Ocean is around 3,339 meters.

Atlantic Ocean

3. Indian Ocean

As the Third largest Ocean on the Earth, it covered nearly 73 million square kilometers of Earth’s water Surface (Including Red Sea and Persian Gulf) and the oceans total estimated water volume is about 292 million Cubic Kilometers. The Average depth of the ocean is 3,890 meters, and the deepest point of the Indian Ocean is Diamantina Trench at the depth of 8,047 meters.

Indian Ocean

4. Southern Ocean (Antarctic Ocean)

The Southern Ocean or Antarctic Ocean is the Fourth Largest Ocean in the World with Covered Earths Water Surface area of 18.8 million square kilometers. About 2.6 million of the Area is covered with the Ice in Antarctica. The Ocean has Average depth about 4,000 to 5,000 meters and Deepest Point in South Sandwich Trench at depth of 7,236 meters.

Southern Ocean

5. Arctic Ocean

This Ocean located on the North Polar and the Smallest Ocean among the Five Oceanic Divisions, it covered by the Ice throughout the year. The Arctic Ocean embraces an area about 14 million square kilometers of water surface, it has coastline about 45,390 kilometers long. The Average depth of the ocean is around 1,038 meters and the deepest point is at 5,450 meter in Eurasian Basin.

Arctic Ocean

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