5 Guide for Beginners to Moving to Canada

With the 8th largest economy, quality education, and $15.5 per hour wage, Canada is a great option to give your life a considerable push and set it on the right path. If it doesn’t make you excited enough, then the natural beauty and welcoming Canadians are enough to inspire you to move to Canada.

This Great White North is enriched with greatness and wherever you go, you feel excited to be a part of the second-largest country in the world with so many opportunities for the expats to make life better for the good.

But remember that leaving your hometown and moving to another country is not easier. Reading a few articles and visiting the official site is not enough. You need planning, preparations, and guidance to make your transition smooth.

Here are a few moving tips that will help you embark on the new journey without any hustle. 

1. Hire a Moving Company

First and foremost, you need to hire international movers US to Canada. Moving to another country doesn’t only involve packing a backpack and setting off. You will have to take along essential home items (hope you don’t want to go empty-handed only to sleep on the floor!). But it requires a lot of patience and headache pills from packing, loading, shipping, unloading, and setting them up in the home.

Handling all this all alone is impossible. So, it’s better to hire professional people who know their work – they have done it for others, and can do it for you too. They will give you a door-to-door moving facility so that you can plan on other things and let them do the weightlifting.

Canadian flag in front of the Parliament Building, Downtown, Ottawa, ON, Canada
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2. Exceptionally Diverse Culture

When you hear that Canada is the second-largest country, then it’s not hard to predict that you are going to experience a new adventure in every nook and cranny. Canada has many hidden secrets, one of which is its culture and diverse living situations. If you think that Canada is all about Toronto and all the extravaganza this city exhibits, you are wrong.

Canada has diverse living situations, from the bustling city of Toronto, seaside Cape Breton, to rural areas like The Yukon. So, you have many options to pick your living space based on comfort, amenities, and situation. Pick your settlement place wisely depending on what you need.

3. No Private Medical Insurance

Canada is best known as a country with exceptional medical facilities and health care is funded by the government except for dental care and long-term care. So, you don’t need private medical insurance. You can get registered as a Canadian and avail the benefits of world-class medical facilities that are second to none. It means that the government cares for and takes care of its citizens. So, once you are in Canada, you can invest the money saved from medical in some other useful thing.

4. Cost to Immigrate to Canada

Government charges some fee for processing the application, depending on which immigration process you apply for.

If you have applied for a work permit, you have to pay $155 and for a student visa or a study permit, the cost is $150. For the permanent residence permit, you have to pay $490. So, before you plan to move, make sure you have enough cash to handle all these extra expenditures that are impossible to avoid. 

5. Better Job Security

In the USA, you don’t have any job security. You can get fired without any explanation or any prior notice. So, even if you are working at a company for a long time, they will not give you a second thought before firing you. But this is not the case in Canada. You have better job security. Employees get at least 2 weeks’ notice before termination so that they can manage another job and not face a sudden shortage of income.

Moreover, another difference is maternity leaves. In Canada, you can get paid leave in Canada of up to 35 days. So, being a Canadian citizen, you have many advantages. But you don’t get the facility of paid maternity leaves in the USA. Though you can take 12 weeks off, this time is unpaid. So, it’s better to apply at good companies with many other better facilities.


So, now you know why Canada is the favorite country of expats and why they take the courage to leave their countries to settle in Canada. You can also apply for Canadian citizenship after spending 1095 days at least. Once you get citizenship, things become easier for you. However, before moving to Canada, make sure you know the difference between Canada and your country so that you get less cultural shock and it takes less time to settle without hustle.

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