4 Ways To Improve Your Cognitive Functions

The brain may be the most powerful machine. The computer was modeled after the human brain. And like any computer, it can start to malfunction from time to time. What can you do to keep your brain operating at full optimum force? Memory, learning, speech, and other cognitive functions are vital to our way of life. There are 4 ways to improve your cognitive functions.

Eat More B Vitamins Enriched Foods

B Vitamins Enriched Foods

Diet and eating habits play an important role in providing the body with the proper nutrients. Holistic drug treatment centers have special diets for individuals that are coping with brain or body impairment. The B-vitamin is known for its active role in brain activity. The lack of the B group vitamin hinders physiological and neurological functioning. B vitamins are water-soluble in their pill form and are found naturally in some foods. B vitamins and supplements are fairly safe. Always check with a physician before trying a new vitamin or supplement regime.

Learn How To Play An Instrument

Play An Instrument

Remember all those violin lessons in 5th grade? Learning how to play an instrument again will improve certain aspects of your brain functions. Annie Fabiny, M.D, editor-in-chief of Harvard Women’s Health Watch, comments that memory, reasoning, speech, emotion, reward, and storing new memories were improved from performing music. There are literally hundreds of instruments to choose from around the world. If you looking for an easy instrument to learn how to play try the piano or even the ukulele.

Take 30 Minutes of Cardio Exercise

Cardio Exercise

You might want to find the nearest gym if you are looking to improve your memory and thinking. Journal of Nursing Research confirms that exercise is effective for cognitive improvement in elderly adults. The standard regimen used in the journal’s research was an exercise for 6 weeks. The study’s active participants worked out for 3 days per week for 60 minutes. There was a visual improvement in areas of cognitive abilities and not to mention mood too. Nursing homes and holistic drug treatment centers are known to implement exercise groups to help patients with improving their brain functions.

Get More Sleep

More Sleep

It is not surprising that It is rumored that Albert Einstein had to have 12 hours of sleep every night. The Journal of Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment published an article, “Sleep deprivation: Impact on cognitive performance” which relates sleep deprivation to certain cognitions such as attention, long-term memory, visuomotor and verbal functions. The average sleep time required to function normally is between 7 and 8.5 hours every day.

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