4 Tips to Begin Your Essay Like a Pro

Essay writing is among the common activities of every US schoolchild and student. Some essay types are easy to complete, and others may puzzle them. At times, students get confused because every type differs from others. There is good news for you as well. Every essay type has definite similarities that can always be applied. Thus, you can complete some parts with your eyes closed. One of them is the beginning of the essay. If you know how to start an essay, you save heaps of precious time.

Nonetheless, many students aren’t good at the beginning of an essay. They may delay a lot until they finally start. Moreover, they frequently write pretty ugly introductions. That is why we have decided to help these fellas. Our ultimate guide explains how to start an essay introduction to make it flow. Read on to learn the necessary tips and tricks. They are really effective and easy to fulfill.

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1. Have a Short Plan

Although it’s not compulsory, you may write a short plan that explains what should be stated at the beginning of an essay. There are a few points every good introduction is supposed to contain. These are:

  • Attention grabber;
  • General facts;
  • Thesis statement.

Your outline may add some specific details on these 3 points. It’s up to you what to add to specify how they will be implemented.

2. Decide on the Attention Grabber

The essay’s start commonly contains the attention grabber right at its beginning. Its main purpose is clear. It should make your readers want to read what comes next. Kindle that desire to attract their attention. This can be done by implementing something uncommon and unique. The most popular and effective attention grabbers are as follows:

  • Anecdote. Use your own real-life story if it is linked to the topic, and thus show your relationship to and understanding of the studied problem.
  • Citation. When you cite an outstanding personality, it always grabs the attention of readers. Just be sure the citation fits the topic.
  • Rhetorical question. This is an uncommon method when you ask a question that has an obvious answer. It is used to emphasize the value of the problem you study.
  • Shocking statement. You can also write something weird or unbelievable to ignite the desire to read.

3. Think of the Facts You Will Add

You probably know that the introductory section contains definite facts. It consists of a hook to grab attention and a thesis statement to clarify the purpose. Besides, there should be at least 2-3 sentences that simply offer general facts about the topic you intend to discuss in the main body. Prior to starting your essay, you should think about those facts.

They ought to be directly related to the topic. They should also be interesting to the reader and lead logically to your thesis statement.

4. Craft a Mighty Thesis Statement

You know how an essay starts, but you should also know how it ends. In most cases, all essay introductions end up with a thesis statement. It’s a central idea of the text that clarifies the main purpose of your research. It must be convincing, clear, and catchy. For example, your thesis statement may be like this: This essay reveals the best marketing programs for college to understand which ones can suit students and professors.

This explanation is clear. Your readers will know that your essay can inform them about something significant. Therefore, they will continue to read the rest of the text. The job is done, and you need to pay attention to your body paragraphs.

Wrapping Up

An essay introduction may be the kind of problem you didn’t expect to face and the problem that steals your precious time. Yet, our smart tips and tricks are very effective for whatever essay type you must write. In case you still need help, leave an online request similar to “Can someone write my essay and its introduction?” You will have a rich choice of the best custom writing sites. Select the most suitable one and hire a writer there. He or she sure knows how to write a flawless essay opening as well as complete other sections in the same manner.

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