4 Things You Should Know Before Ordering a Saltwater Fish Online

Are you planning to add new fish to your saltwater fish tank? Most aquarists nowadays are purchasing their fishes online due to several reasons: convenience and wider fish selections. Plus, direct delivery to your home reduces fish stress, which is experienced during multiple transportation.

Essential Factors To Check Before Buying Saltwater Fish Online

If you still spend hours checking for fish in pet stores, then you may want to reconsider buying them online this time. The convenience and safety offered, especially during this pandemic, are highly recommended. Thanks to the advancement of technology, you can shop for the best fish even if you’re at home.

A couple of years ago, buying fish online was a skeptical process. However, things have changed, and people have discovered the beauty of purchasing aquarium fish without leaving home. If you’re planning or are still hesitant to do so, read along, as we’ll give you a complete overview and breakdown of the details of why you should consider this today.

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Before ordering your next fish, you might want to reconsider the following factors to help you build a good ecosystem at home: You may want to include protein skimmers in nanoreef tanks to ensure your tank’s water quality is excellent. This is a must-have for every saltwater aquarium to effectively remove nitrogenous and amino acids from your tank water.

1. Refund or arrive alive options

To make sure you only get the best fish directly from a pet store, you have to check their refund or money-back guarantee. This will increase your confidence that you only get the healthiest fish and ensure they are not sick or may die after a couple of days upon arrival.

Most online pet shops guarantee an “arrive alive” policy. They extend your refund coverage up to two weeks after delivery. They ensure that you get an alive and healthy fish, or they refund or replace your current order.

2. Determine the type of fish you like

Identify what type of fish you prefer to take care of in your fish tank, and from there, you’ll have a wider selection based on your preference. This will also give a complete overview of the things that your fish needs to survive in your aquarium. Providing a comfortable living ecosystem for your chosen fish is vital.

3. Buy only from a reputable store

Before you purchase your fish online, ensure that it’s from a trusted breeder or company. Don’t settle for low-quality fish, as they may have health issues. While it may be a challenge to identify one, it’s best to do quick research about customer feedback and insights about previous purchases and how satisfactory their service is.

4. Check the size of your tank

Your fish requires a capacious area for them to swim and play. Identify the size of your fish tank to help you decide what type or how many fish will fit inside. For an experienced aquarist, the rule of the thumb designates an inch per gallon.

That means if you’ll purchase a four-inch fish, your fish tank must have four gallons of water on average. Though this is mostly applicable for slim fish, buying round fish requires more space.

Benefits Of Ordering Fish Online

As an aquarist, there are some cases where you cannot find a fish that you like. If the type of fish species you prefer is not available, you may opt for an online purchase. Most local pet shops have limited saltwater fish species, and most of the ones available are popular.

This is where buying online gives you several advantages, including:

  • Wider fish selection

You’ll have wider fish selections compared to buying fish in the nearest pet shop with limited species. When you purchase them online, you can find the type of fish species that you prefer on your fish tank.

  • Enables you to choose fish size and age

Most online shops provide an option for you to select the size and age of your chosen fish. With pet shops, your options are always limited to the stocks that they have.

  • Most fish purchased online are healthy

Sometimes fish that are purchased online are healthier compared to those you go pet shops. They have less stress from transferring from one place to another. This has a detrimental effect on fish health, especially with multiple crowded fish tank transport.

  • It enables direct delivery into your home

Online purchases can opt for at-home straight delivery. This lessens the stress your fish experience from multiple transferring processes. When fish is shipped straight to your address, chances are, with less stress, your fish will live longer.


With plenty of available options for you to purchase fish online, it’s best to find a reputable breeder and understand how the process works. With the added shipping fee, you may want to purchase your next fish together with your friends and family to optimize your expenses and ensure you’ll have the best fish species swimming in your aquarium.

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