4 Effective Tricks to Realize Your Business’s Potential with Tailored SEO

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As many entrepreneurs know, SEO is your best chance at unwavering success. This new age has brought about the need to move fast but it is also important to note that many businesses that soared high without building a structure beneath them have fallen just as fast.

The very nature of an SEO strategy promises lasting results because as opposed to many quick cures, it takes time to build. A tailor-made SEO strategy will help you climb search engine ranks, which will result in an increase in traffic, and consequently, a higher revenue. With that in mind, let’s go over some pieces of advice that you should consider to ensure your SEO efforts’ maximum effectiveness.

Provide excellent UX

Provide excellent UX

Every business puts customers first or at least strives to do so but the question remains whether they are successful in achieving this in each aspect of their business. Customers shouldn’t just be satisfied with the product or service that they paid for; the process of making your customers happy starts long before they receive the end product – it starts with their first visit to your website.

If you don’t think there is a connection between your SEO strategy and user experience on your website, you are mistaken. Your website needs to please the visitors and in case it doesn’t, you won’t be able to be positioned high on Google’s ranking ladder. For instance, your website is expected to load fast because users won’t wait longer than 2-3 seconds and you will have a high bounce rate. Only by providing superb UX can you expect to expand your customer base and advance in your business.

Mobile optimization is a must

Mobile optimization

The verdict on this question is clear and simple: if your website is not optimized for mobile users, you are not leveraging your potential. Smartphones are the items we spend the most time in contact with during the day and there are greater chances of us forgetting to take our medicine or our keys than to forget our phones when we live home.

Google has, of course, realized the importance of mobile phones in relation to business websites and mobile responsiveness has become mandatory. Your website needs to adapt to a screen of any size and not just look good on it but be fully functional. The call-to-action button needs to be easily distinguishable, big and in striking colors. You should also consider simplifying the checkout process due to the screen being smaller or otherwise the conversion that is supposed to result from the call-to-action won’t be satisfactory. If in doubt whether you really need all of that, remember that mobile is officially labeled as the primary ranking factor for businesses.

Make it personal

Workflow Strategy

The above-mentioned gadgets are exactly the reason why, in the era of sharing every life detail online, people are craving for special treatment. They care less for generic advertising, while digital marketing predictions for 2020 show that the demand for a personalized marketing experience will continue to grow. Your content, products, and emails are some of the elements that need to undergo personalization.

So, to get the customers to spend some time on your website and eventually convert, which will signal Google that you are a reliable source of information, you can start with following their preferences and suggesting similar products to the one they purchased or are currently considering. Moving on, don’t forget to ask for their feedback since it can mean a lot when it comes to customizing their next purchase experience or the products themselves. An email with their name and a Newsletter can make the difference between them reading the Newsletter and deleting the email without opening it.

Leverage link building

Liverage Link Building

Pushing the limits and growing your business demands a lot of effort and if you think that effort is limited to your website, social media profiles, and blog, you are sorely mistaken. To grow in the eyes of the demanding Google, you also need to associate your website with authoritative websites. This is where a lot of businesses make a mistake and believe that link building is basically ensuring your website is linked on as many websites as possible, thus insisting on quantity and not quality.

In fact, you need to build a portfolio of natural (back)links to your website and external links to other high-quality sites. A backlink analysis provided by a white label SEO company can examine the links that point to your website for you and through a backlink risk assessment, suggest domains you need to dissociate yourself from. Your website’s backlink profile is important to Google but it is also essential for a good reputation and website’s performance.
Over to you
It is said that in life, you never know if something could work unless you try it. The same goes for business, you cannot know if your company is ready for a new line of products or an international expansion until you analyze where you stand and assess what you need to get there.

Although most of these pieces of advice regarding your SEO efforts place the customer at the center, you also need to stay true to your brand and your vision. As always, it is about balance and applying only what you believe is best for your business.

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