3 Tips for Enhancing Your Career and Maternal Abilities

Squarely Facing the Reality

It’s best not to be a single mom if you can avoid it. However, finding a man to fill the gap just because you may need one isn’t a good move. Human beings have successes, and they have failures. In the vacuum of an absent father, many mothers seek career solidity prior to giving birth.

That’s a wise idea, but it’s got its drawbacks; namely, as regards your maternal ability. You can’t be everywhere at once. There are only 24 hours in a day. While your newborn may sleep 14 to 17 of those hours, you’ve still got to run a house and a job if you’re approaching the task singly.

Babies need their dads around for more reasons than just paternal affection and leadership. Dads split the load, and sometimes carry it when moms have more important things to do, like keeping the baby healthy.

While ample resources won’t totally replace a father, they can help. But how do you manage a career and be a mom at the same time? It’s a hard reality to face. Here are some things you can do.

1. Use All Available Legal Options

Your job likely has to adhere to legal realities regarding maternal leave. Lean into what the law says your employer must do. Beyond maternity leave, Work From Home (WFH) options are more tangible than ever, and ideal for new mothers, as they help you be present for your child’s development. Ask employers about WFH options in addition to maternity leave.

2. Fix Breastfeeding Issues

If your baby is more hungry than is perhaps what is expected, or you’ve got exceptional pain in your paps leading to engorged breasts and mastitis, the issue could have something to do with the way your baby is latching. Here is a link built around correcting shallow latch breastfeeding; look into resources like this to help you in the nursing process.

3. Remember the Bigger Picture

One child can change the world. Think of the Arthurian legends. Think of Abe Lincoln. Christ, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Joan of Arc; the list goes on. Individuals may not come from ideal circumstances. But all of them were once babies, and all of them once had mothers.

Remember: when things are tough, your job as a mother is incalculably important. So when you’re going without sleep, when money is tight, when all seems hopeless, keep the bigger picture squarely in mind. Your child might just change the world.

Becoming a Nourishing, Successful, Productive Mom

Always remember the bigger picture. Fix issues like breastfeeding if you are dealing with such problems. Use all available options.

Being a mother puts you in a societal position that is exponentially more relevant and important than where you were before. Recognize that, and lean into it. You will become stronger, more successful, and more productive. As a result, your child will flourish as well.


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