3 Best Colors for Healing Environments

Interior design is important for any home, office, and healthcare area. Drug treatment centers in Maryland, and nationwide in America, are receptive to the idea of psychology’s take on mood and colors. They understand how interior design has an effect on mood and health. Your surroundings can affect your mood. Have you ever wonder why you feel a burst of energy when exercising in a bright red or orange room?

The design of an area can invoke moods subconsciously. You may remember one of the most popular forms of interior design originating from the far east. Feng Shui is the art of arranging objects to a creation of a free flow of positive energy in a space. Positive energy is important for space that will be occupied by persons for a long time. Healing environments should have left a person feeling free and not confined by 4 walls. A bedroom can become an outdoor oasis and a living area can feel like a comforting butterfly cocoon.

This art can be beneficial to creating harmony in a home, office, and any environment. Feng Shui takes a careful analysis of the space. Interior design that specializes in this art can be helpful in creating peace in your space. Feng Shui experts analyze the areas of the home or space to determine what energies are related to the specific area. Your kitchen area may be in the southeast part of your home. A Feng Shui will suggest uses more browns and blues to balance the energy in that area of your home. Feng Shui is an art that requires in-depth knowledge of Taoism and interior design.

But, there is an alternative option.  If the art of arranging furniture is too cumbersome for you, try color psychology. Using the psychology of colors is one simple step to designing your space. Healthcare Design Magazine specializes in how health facilities are best designed. Designer Jackie Jordan spoke with Healthcare Design Magazine. Designer Jordan offered recommendations for designing a healthy healthcare facility.

A few tips include, be careful using yellows and reds. These two colors tend to make people more anxious.  Healing centers and rehabs are using color psychology to help their patients recover faster. Designer Jordan suggests incorporating blues, greens, and earth tones for a healing experience. You can also incorporate these colors into your own home.

1. Cool Water Blues

The colour blue is the world’s favourite colour. Scientists have a theory on why blues are a favourite among many people. At the beginning of humanity, nature’s blue skies, and oceans were a sign of a new day. Blues promote tranquillity, calmness, stability, and clarity like the sea and sky. Drug treatment centres in Maryland, Florida, California, and many other states in America make use of blues.

2. Nature’s Greens

Image by Jeon Sang-O from Pixabay

Shades of greens are also a favourite for health and wellness facilities.   The power behind the colour green is also rooted in human DNA. Green is associated with nature. Flourishing greenery was a sign of harvest and home. These colours are good for bedrooms since they promote sleep, reflection, and relaxation.

3. Woody Browns

Browns are often an understated colour. Yet, they are very comforting and soothing for living areas and bedrooms. Earth tone browns provide a level of grounding and intuition. Support, protection, strength, family, and structure are often associated with browns.

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